Is bhutto is rajput

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bhuttos are arains not rajputs , as benazir bhutto tolds in her interview that her family trace its roots from the arab conquest ( arabs who conquer that region of sub-continent ) in 712 Ad , the name of dacomentry in daughter of power , in present Asadullah bhutto (ameer of jamiat islami sindh ) is member of arain association karachi , arains were the arab soldiers who conquer that region under the cammond of qadim whereas rajputs were hindus earlier

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Q: Is bhutto is rajput
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What is the caste of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?

Bhutto family is Rajput family and have migrated from Indian punjabe much before partion. Though "bhutto" caste has been claimed to be "Arian farmers" by some. However, Mumtaaz Bhutto--------real brother of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, in his latest interview, has categorically made clear that Bhutto is a Rajput Caste and they have nothing to do with Arian caste of farmers.

What is relation between fatima bhutto to benazir bhutto?

fatima bhutto is niece of Banazir bhutto

Is kumawat Rajput is Rajput?

Yes. They are Rajput undoubtedly.

Who was shahnawaz Ali bhutto?

Shahnawaz Bhutto was the son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (President/Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1971 to 1977) and Begum Nusrat Bhutto. Shahnawaz Bhutto was the youngest of Bhutto's four children.

Is Rao Rajput is Rajput?

Yes i"m AA Rajput

What is the history of gautam rajput?

Gautam rajput werw survanshi rajput.

What is the birth name of Ali Bhutto?

Ali Bhutto's birth name is Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali.

Who is higher sub cast of rajput shekhawat or rajput rajghav?

Rajput Shekhawat

Could a Kashyap rajput marry a luddu rajput gotra and is kashyap rajput a lower caste than luddu rajput?


Is Benazir Bhutto single?

No, Benazir Bhutto is not single.

What caste does the surname kalotra come under?


Is shivaji was a rajput?

ya Shivaji was a rajput

Is aseefa bhutto the daughter of benazir bhutto?

yes she is. you can tell, the last name bhutto. plus they look similar.

What was the religious faith of Benazir Bhutto?

benazir bhutto was a muslim.

What was Benazir Bhutto's real name?

Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto

When did Shahnawaz Bhutto die?

Shahnawaz Bhutto died in 1985.

When was Shahnawaz Bhutto born?

Shahnawaz Bhutto was born in 1958.

When did Murtaza Bhutto die?

Murtaza Bhutto died in 1996.

Who influenced Benazir Bhutto?

Her father Jufiquar Ali Bhutto

Who r kakan rajput?

from where is kakan rajput orginate?

What is the history of Gaur Rajput?

the gurhar Rajput of u.p is branch of gaur rajput from taragarh, ajmer.

Who is the wife of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?

1 bagum ameer bhutto, 2 and his seond wife is begum nusrat bhutto.....

Is quaid e azam rajput?

No , quid was not rajput .

Is manhas jatt last name?

no, you are rajput. no, you are rajput.

Is mahendra singh dhoni Rajput?

yes he is Rajput.

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