Is big boss in mgs4

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Q: Is big boss in mgs4
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Does Big Boss die?

Big Boss Dies in MGS4. Don't get mad at me if you haven't played MGS4....the question was asked, and I answered it.

Is there a cheat to skip the boss fights in mgs4?


What is Liquid Snake's real name?

There is evidence located in MGS4 dialogue that suggests that Liquid Snake was named for his father, Big Boss a.k.a John Doe. (That's seriously Big Boss' name.)

Who is the big boss in big boss 7?

jus answer me who is the big boss in big boss and i hear it big boss

Why did Big Boss killed Major Zero in MGS4?

He wanted to end The Patriots, he himself was dying due to the FOXDIE in Solid Snake's body. WIth Zero's death, the Patriots were gone for good.

Who is the last boss in mgs4?

Liquid/Revolver Ocelot on top of Mt. Snakemoore and the last boss of beauty and the beast is screaming mantis! You fight it in inner haven!

If OLD Snake Never Killed Big Boss How did he big boss loose the same Eye Twice I'm still a bit confused since hearsay That Solidus died a long time ago so was solidus truly BIG Boss this whole Time?

Solidus was a perfect clone of Big Boss but supposedly died during the Big Shell incident. Solidus's body was persevered and body part's from him where given to Big Boss himself along with Liquids body parts. Also Solidus was used as a decoy Big Boss in Eastern Europe. Big Boss almost died in Zanzibarland but was preserved by Zero until he got out in the end of MGS4. Solidus and Big Boss have never met and Solidus lost his left eye while Big Boss lost his right. Solidus may be a clone of Big Boss but they're not the same person. The only one of the brothers to actually me Big Boss was Solid Snake. Also are you kidding or are you gravely confused?

Do you have to complete mgs4 on the boss extreme to get the big boss emblem?

Yes. The requirements for the Big Boss Emblem are; The Boss Extreme Difficulty 0 Alerts (Cautions are ok) 0 Continues (no deaths) 0 Special Items (i.e. bandana, stealth) 0 Recovery Items (rations, regain, etc.) 0 Kills [(B&B Corps Included) Unmanned weapons excluded] Under 5 hours of game play (scenes and credits are considered game play) You will get the BBE and the Big Boss Face Camo (actually Solidus)

What is the duration of The Big Boss?

The duration of The Big Boss is 1.83 hours.

Does solid snake die in mgs4?

SpoilerSolid Snake does not die at the end of MGS4 but is saved by his "father" Big Boss (Naked Snake) and is assumed by many that Solid Snake died some time after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots from his unnatural aging process. He lives his last days with Otacon (Dr. Hal Emmerich), Raiden(Jack), and Sunny Gurlukovich.

What killed big boss?

well first i need to know what is big boss

When was The Big Boss created?

The Big Boss was created on 1971-10-03.

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