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yes it is, hiv is a disease. blood group is your type of blood.

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Q: Is blood group and HIV is different?
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Which blood group is at a high risk of contracting HIV?

HIV risk is not linked to blood groups, it is linked to life style.

Do two different kind a blood could make hiv?

No they could not make HIV.

Can a o positive group contact hiv easly?

Blood type has never been mentioned as an inhibitor of HIV.

Can you get HIV from?

when you had sex with a person who has the virus, when you have sex with different partners and if you used a syringe or infused with blood that came from a person having HIV.

Why is bad to have anti-HIV and HIV in our blood?

It is bad to have anti-HIV and HIV in your blood because it weakens your immune system.

How is HIV disease spread?

no, it is when your blood transfers to different blood or when you share spit when one person is already affected

Can blood resist to get HIV infection?

.....I have no idea why would you ask this question....HIV transmit because of blood transfusion or blood contact. There is no blood that can resist HIV infection...In fact blood is the best way to get HIV infection. If you are exposed to blood contaminated with HIV...Do get an early check up.

Is hiv blood borne?

Yes, HIV is a blood-borne pathogen.

If a HIV guy bites a normal person will he get HIV?

if the HIV person's blood gets into an another person's blood, then the other person can get HIV.

If there's no HIV in the blood could you still be infected and what if you had contact with blood that's not infected with HIV?

In order to contract HIV from blood, it must be infected with the virus. Otherwise, you will not contract HIV.

Does there need to be a lot of blood to get HIV?

No there does not need to be a lot of blood to transmit HIV.

If you swallow blood will you get HIV?

If you swallow alittle blood will you get HIV