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Q: Is blowing up a balloon an example of diffusion?
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Blowing up a balloon with a lemon?

yes you can

How is a balloon able to go into a bottle?

Put the balloon in the bottle with the blowing up part out and blow it up in the bottle.

How Blowing up a balloon a physical change?

it changes form

Is blowing up a balloon an irreversible change?

yes it is reversible

What experiment proves that air exerts pressure?

Blowing up a balloon.

How do you blow up a balloon without blowing?

Healum and water defanatly a pump

Can you blow up a balloon without blowing air through your mouth how?

There are machines you can buy for blowing up balloons; check with a local party store.

How do you fill a balloon whit water?

your get someone whipped cream and mix it in with water and before blowing the balloon up you have to but the whit water in.

What does enpanding mean?

Assuming you meant expanding, which means growing larger. Blowing up a balloon, for instance, causes the balloon to expand.

Why does changing materials effect your results during an experiment?

Blowing up a balloon with a helium tank, then blowing up a different balloon with your mouth will make a difference in the outcome of your experiment. It'll most likely give you more sources of error.

What makes a hot air balloon works?

a hot air balloon works when the hot air blowing from the bottom pushes up the balloon which lifts it up into the sky where it moves in the direction where the wind blows .

Why do the balloon stop blowing up after baking soda and vinegar are combined?

Do the experiment and find out yourself :)