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Third party insurance is mandatory on all waters controlled by British Waterways, who will not issue a licence until they have received proof of insurance.

On coastal waters and other stretches of water not controlled by British Waterways there is no such restriction, however most harbour authorities and the like will not allow you to use their facilities if you do not have liability cover.

In my opinion, you would be well advised to obtain a minimum of �2,000,000 worth of liability cover before using your boat. Its not worth the risk, if an accident should occur. Why not visit www.noblemarine.co.uk for further advice and to obtain a quote for your insurance.

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How long will it take Santa to get to Fivemiletown Northern Ireland?

Santa can travel anywhere in the world at the same speed, which is nearly instantaneously.

What is the average wind speed in Northern Ireland?

According to the Irish Meteorological Service, the winds in Ireland range from an average of 7 to 18 MPH. Check out their webiste at www.met.ie/climate/wind.asp for more detailed information.

What is the max speed on national roads in Ireland?

The speed limit for national roads in Ireland is 100 kilometres per hour.

How much is the fine for going 18 mph over the speed limit in North Carolina?

The problem is not the fine but the resulting suspension and mandatory insurance rate increase. In North Carolina a speed of 15+ over the limit is an automatic suspension. In order to avoid points and the insurance increase you need to negotiate it down to an under 10mph ticket or take your Prayer for Judgement. lwpat http://www.speedingticketcentral.com

Will your insurance company drop you if you were convicted for exhibition of speed in California?

Depending on which insurance company you have, it is possible that you will be dropped for conviction of exhibition of speed in California. The major insurance carriers will see you as a risk and will not want to provide coverage.

Which companies carry sky internet?

"Sky broadband internet is a high speed internet service provider located in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. No companies carry it, rather it offers its services directly to consumers."

When you get a speeding ticket in Minnesota at how many miles over the limit does it get reported to your insurance?

1 mph over the speed limit. The insurance company will get the information regardless of the speed.

Why you should make use of open source mandatory in government offices and what kind of open source mandatory?

It would be free and kept up to speed, everything the government isn't. It would require tons of paperwork for a regular update.

How much will your insurance go up for going 38 over the speed limit?

Insurance increases mostly due to accidents not neccessarily tickets.

You got a speeding ticket for doing 92 in a 70 will the speed you went show up on any insurance forms or any other forms your parents receive?

It will show up on your speeding ticket and quite possibliy on your insurance forms similarly such as: speeding 10-14 miles above the speed limit 4pts. It may not state the exact speed in the insurance records though.

You got a speeding ticket for 92 in a 70 in Iowa you are from Minnesota can your parents find out the speed you were going if you tell them you were going a slower speed than actual?

They may find out through the car insurance company, The car insurance is higher when the speed if over 5 miles above the posted speed. It's always better to tell the truth.

What are the ratings and certificates for Speed Dating - 2007 I?

Speed Dating - 2007 I is rated/received certificates of: Ireland:15A UK:PG USA:R (certificate #45797)

How fast can a northern goshawk fly?

The speed of a Northern Goshawk is their greatest asset. They can fly as fast as 38 miles per hour which is enormous for a bird.

How do you find what type and speed of broadband is available in your area with a home phone number in Ireland?

I am not sure there is one place you can find a speed test for your phone number in Ireland without going direct to a provider and contacting them to see what they offer. You can try search for broadband or ADSL ireland in google for example and check there website for services offered. There is a site to check if your line is enabled at this website - (google for broadband check ireland - broadbandcheckireland.com/ Or contact www.getbroadband.ie

How long of time is it from England to Irealand?

Comparatively few ferries run between England and Ireland - most ferries between BRITAIN and Ireland go from WALES or SCOTLAND as they're closer to Ireland. However the Liverpool to Dublin freight ferry takes 8 or 9 hours overnight. Passenger ferries between Holyhead in Wales and Dun Laoghaire or Dublin depend on the type of ship - the HSS high speed ferries take 99 minutes, the conventional superferries take about 3 hours, and the timings between Cairnryan/Stranraer in Scotland and Larne/Belfast in Northern Ireland are similar.

How much will a ticket for speeding 77MPH in 60 MPH speed zone in Louisiana affect car insurance for an 18 year old.?

It is important to not drive over the speed limit for the safety of everyone on the road. Doing 17 over the speed limit can cause a persons insurance rates to up significantly, the person can also lose their license.

How much does a speeding cost in North Carolina for doing 90 in a 65?

A North Carolina speeding ticket for more than 15mph over the speed limit will result in a suspension of our North Carolina license and a huge increase in your North Carolina auto insurance. It is a mandatory court appearance so you either have to show for court or retain an attorney to appear on your behalf. At this speed I strongly recommend that you retain a North Carolina traffic attorney and let him negotiate a reduction.

What side of a tornado is worse?

In the northern hemisphere the right side of a tornado is generally worse. Since most tornadoes in the northern hemisphere rotate clockwise the winds right side of the tornado will be equal to the speed at which it spins plus the speed it is moving at. The opposite is true in the southern hemisphere.

Where Should you get insurance policies online in less than a minute?

Speed should never be the goal in obtaining insurance. There first needs to be a careful needs analysis. You then must assess the quality of the insurance company, including its claims practices and financial stability.

What are the speed limits when driving on major roads in northern England?

Unless otherwise signed, the maximum car speed limit for a single carriageway is 60mph and for dual carriageways and motorways it is 70mph. Larger vehicles have lower speed limits.

How long will an instant auto insurance quote actually take?

It takes a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

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