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Q: Is body pH levels a positive or negative feedback?
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What are the feedback mechanisms that regulate hormone levels in the body?

Positive and negative feedback

How are negative and positive feedback mechanisms used by organisms?

two include water levels and body temperature

Feedback is when the body reacts in the same direction as a stimulus. Negative Positive?

Your statement is for positive feedback.

When the body reacts to stop or work in the opposite direction of a stimulus is it known as negative feedback or positive feedback?

negative feedback

When a system brings abnormal body variable levels back to normal Is Called?

This process is called negative feedback. There are only two that are positive: childbirth and blood clotting. Negative feedback keeps things in balance.

Parathyroid glands is a negative or positive feed back?

Negative. There are VERY few positive feedback mechanisms in the body- the only one i know about is birth. Think of negative feedback and positive as a line.

When body temperature rises a center in the brain initiates physiological changes to decrease the body temperature is an example of negative feedback or positive feedback?

This is a very good example of negative feedback.

What is the difference between positive feedback and negative feedback?

Positive feedback speeds up reactions while negative feedback slows them down. Positive feedback goes with the force that put the body out of homeostasis in order to get it over faster. For example, during childbirth, the body goes with it in order to get it over faster so that the body can return to homeostasis. On the other hand, negative feedback opposes the action. For example if your body temperature drops, your receptors in your body send a message to your brain to tell it your cold. Your brain then sends a message to your muscles to shiver to help warm you up.

Which feedback stimulates your body to respond in the same direction as a stimulus positive or negative?


How are negative and positive feedback involved in homeostatic regulation?

Negative feedback occurs when the output of a system reacts to cancel out the effects of an input of a system, as opposed to positive feedback (in which the actions/output is intensified or increased). The more negative, the more stable. Thus, with things being canceled out, the body maintains homeostasis. An example of negative feedback in action is the maintenance of blood glucose levels and body temperature. With input of sugar, insulin is released to stabilize the body (on the other hand, without insulin, diabetes can be diagnosed). With a raise in body temperature, blood vessels and pores are opened to release heat.

What is an example of a negative feedback in human body?

example of negative feedback example of negative feedback

Are blood glucose levels regulated by positive feedback?

No, blood glucose concentration is regulated by negative feedback. When blood sugar levels are too high, the alpha particles in the pancreas' islets of Langerhans signal the pancreas to produce more insulin, which regulates the sugar level by stimulating the liver and other body cells to absorb more glucose at convert it into either glycogen or fat. This lowers the blood sugar concentration. If it were positive feedback, high blood sugar levels would encourage the production of more glucose to increase the blood sugar concentration.