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A usual body temperature is 37'C

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Q: Is body temperature of 97 okay?
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Is a body temperature of 97 normal?

No,it should be 98.4.

What is the normal body temperature of a camel?

97 c

What is the average body temperature of a mammal?

97 - 103 degrees Fahrenheit

What is another name for body temperature?

The normal range for body temperature is 97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.1 to 37.8 degrees Celsius". There is no other name for body temperature.

What is a Normal body temperature for a 50 year old female?


My body temperature is of 36.5 Cis that okay?

Yes, 36.5 degrees Celsius fits roughly within the normal body temperature range.

What is the perfect temperature?

According to studies, the best temperature for a human body is 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).Further Reading:LiveScience article on body temperature

What does a 97 degree temperature mean?

that you are not sick, just sedentary (not moving around enough to get your body temperature up)

How do you keep urine at right temperature for a drug test?

you will have to keep the sample between 91 to 97 degrees= body temperature keep it close to your body

What is the range of body temperature in a adult human body?

The average temperature in an adult body is about 98.6. If i am wrong please correct me. Thanks!

What is a humans body temp supposed to be?

it is supposed to be 98.6 The Average body temperature is around 98.3

Is a body temperature of 100.3 degrees is abnormal?

a normal body temperature ranges from 97 to 98.6 if your temperature is 100 or over, it's a low grade fever and you should see a doctor

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