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Boron is an element. The lightest member of group 13 with 3 valence electrons


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how is the element boron made?

Boron is a natural chemical element.

The element Boron was discovered in Paris.

boron was named boron because of the properties it has

Chemical symbol B represents the element Boron. Boron is a p block element.

Boron is element #5 in the periodic table.

Boron is a chemical element.

boron ba ba boron be the boron ba ba boron!

Boron is an element and therefore contains boron atoms.

How about this: Boron is never found as a free element on Earth.

Boron is an element, your question is stupid.

Boron is an metalloid element

Boron is an extremely brittle element.

Yes, boron is malleable

Boron is an element. It does not have DNA.

Boron is an element and contains only atoms of Boron.

Boron is not a dangerous or toxic chemical element.

how to build a 3d boron

Niether, boron is a metalloid.

Boron is an element with a trivalent valency

Boron is an element in itself.

Boron has five protons.The element boron has 5 protons.5

Boron is an element, and there are certainly atoms of boron. Saying that "boron is an atom" is a slight misuse of terminology, though.

no its a natural element

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