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Apparel is any sort of clothing including boxer and retro shorts.

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Q: Is boxer shorts and retro shorts also apparel?
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Do women wear boxer shorts?

Women typically wear boxer shorts as lingerie or pajamas. As an alternative to wearing boxer shorts, women will also wear underwear in a 'boy shorts' style.

What is a cheap place to shop for American Apparel shorts?

The American Apparel website lets you buy American Apparel shorts online at their store. They also have a search feature which lets you select your state then find the best retail store near you that sells cheap shorts.

Where can one purchase Diesel Boxer Shorts?

One can purchase Diesel boxer shorts online at websites such as Amazon or eBay. They can also be purchased in a variety of department stores such as JCPenney, Macy's, or Nordstrom.

what is the most suitable tennis apparel for playing in hot conditions?

The most suitable tennis apparel would be shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. A woman may also choose to wear a skirt with shorts underneath it for modesty.

What everyday objects are made of satin?

Satin is commonly used in apparel: satin baseball jackets, athletic shorts, women's lingerie, nightgowns, blouses and evening gowns, but also in some men's boxer shorts, shirts and neckties. It is also used in the production of pointe shoes for use in ballet. Other uses include interior furnishing fabrics, upholstery, and bed sheets.

What kind of running attire is best to run in?

The best running attire would be adidas apparel or nike apparel. You should try to wear athletic apparel such as sweat pants or shorts. Also wear some running shoes.

Where can I find cartoon boxer shorts online?

You can find cartoon boxers at Ebay is also a great place to look.

Where can one find some retro style fashion?

Mod Clothing, an online store, is one of the best places to start to find retro style clothing. You can also find this style of clothing at Unique Vintage, Tattoo Apparel, eBay, and JoJo's Shop.

What is good looking but comfortable casual apparel?

There are many options for casual apparel that looks good and is comfortable - this also depends on weather and season. Typically running shoes, shorts or jeans and t-shirts are very comfortable. Do not forget to wear a bra.

Where can I find more information on running shorts ?

You can take your inquiries to your local sports store and ask them any question you might have. You can also find reviews of running apparel on many websites and they'll give you loads of information on fitness running shorts.

What is the average price of Patagonia shorts?

For outdoor and nature enthusiasts, Patagonia offers outdoor apparel and accessories for the whole family. If you're getting ready for the warm weather, you can get women's shorts on average for $69, while men's shorts run on average about $75. If you want to splurge on the kids, they also have shorts for baby, girls and boys averaging about $50 per pair.

Where can you find quality short shorts?

You can find these type of shorts in most high end lingerie stores, you can also find them online with private companies that deal with the intimate apparel such as DHGate or even Gameclothing. They have sites that will allow you to browse in the privicy of your home for those that are a bit shy.

Where can one purchase Harley apparel?

A local motorcycle dealer will have a selection of Harley apparel. Harley Davidson also has an online store with a full selection of apparel. Harley apparel can also be found on Amazon.

Where is the best place to buy soffe running shorts?

You can find Soffe fitness apparel at their own website as well as many other websites like Amazon. Their clothing can also be found in some department stores.

What is a good present to buy your boyfriend?

To get a present for your boyfriend,get him something that whenever he sees it he remembers you.Well things that are attached to the boy such as watch,singlet and boxer shorts.You know the watch is symbolic which says that he should be time conscious and whenever he checks his time he will remember you.The singlet and boxer shorts also whenever he wants to he wears it you come to mind.

Should I wear undwrwear?

Wearing underwear (boxer shorts, Y-fronts, knickers, etc.) prevents staining of men's trousers, especially. Also, it is easier to launder underwear frequently, and is more hygienic.

Where can I shop online for inexpensive cycling apparel?

If you are looking for cycling apparel, Dick's Sporting goods is the place to go. They are always running great sales, and also have a fantastic selection.

Where can one buy retro chairs?

Etsy has a massive range of retro chairs, both real and made to look retro. Ebay also sell retro chairs, although quality cannot be guaranteed. Home stores sell chairs that are made to look retro.

What apparel items does Life is Good offer?

The most popular Life is Good product is t-shirts, of which they have many different designs. The company also produces hoodies, pajamas, hats, pants, shorts, skirts and various accessories.

Where can athletic apparel be bought from?

Athletic apparel can often be bought from stores that sell sports equipment. Online specialist retailers such as Sports Direct or Eastbay also offer lots of athletic apparel. Mega-retailers such as Amazon and eBay do also offer athletic apparel.

Are coats considered to be apparel?

As a coat is intended to be worn as clothing, it can also be considered apparel. All items of clothing that are worn on the body are considered to be apparel.

What are the names of some of the companies that sell silk boxers?

Some of the companies that retail men's silk boxer shorts are, Marks and Spencer, Debenham's, Sears, Figleaves, Narasilk, Royal Silk and His Room, also available from Amazon.

Where can one purchase a retro radio?

One can purchase a retro radio from 'Amazon' where they have many for sale between $20 and $50. One can also buy them from 'eBay' and 'Retro Sound USA'.

Where could one purchase American Apparel hoodies?

One can purchase American Apparel hoodies at their official online store. One could also use the store locator on the website to find a local American Apparel store. Amazon also sells hoodies from American Apparel.

Where can I buy stylish running apparel for women?

You can buy running apparel for women from Mizuno, Adidas, Nike etc. You could also visit You can also purchase running apparel from if you want to pay less.