Is bracelet a compound word

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Is bracelet a compound word
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Bracelet a compound word?

first let me tell you what compound words are. HotDog LunchBox and FingerPrints see 2 words in each of the words bracelet is a word itself.

How can a write the word steal in a compound sentence?

she has to steal the necklace and bracelet.

Why isnt bracelet a compound word?

because a compound word is not when ANY two words are put together, but when both words combined... each having something to do with the full word. Like necklace would be a compound word because it is a LACE that goes around your NECK, and both words have something to do with the full word, necklace. Brace has nothing to do with a wrist unless you have on for your wrist, but this is a piece of jewelry. and let has nothing to do with your wrist whatsoever... so that is why bracelet is not a compound word. Plz reply! :)

Why is silver bracelet a ionic compound?

It is not, a silver bracelet is made from an element - silver.

What is the French word for bracelet?

Un bracelet (masc.)

What is the japanese word for bracelet?

The word bracelet has been adopted into Japanese as 'buresuretto,' written: ブレスレット

Is bracelet a spanish word?


What is the french word for wristwatch?

une montre / un bracelet-montre / une montre-bracelet

How do you spell bracelet in french?

The word bracelet is spelled the same way in French but pronounced differently.

What is the spanish word for bracelet?

La pulsera

What is the word bracelet in Swahili?

kikuku or uzinge,

What is the Hindi word for bracelet?