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The brachialis is a muscle in the upper arm that flexes the elbow joint.

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Q: Is brachialis a muscle in the arm?
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Where is the brachialis muscle located?

The brachialis muscle is located in the upper arm on the lower half of the front humerous. The brachialis muscle is used for flexing the elbow joint and lies deeper than the biceps muscle.

What does the muscle biceps brachii do?

Biceps brachi..alone or in combination with brachialis muscle flexes the arm, elbow and fore arm

What is the most powerful flexor muscle in the arm?

The strongest elbow flexor is the Brachialis

What is the function of the brachialis?

Thie brachialis is a muscle in the arm of the upper limb and it is the primary flexor of the elbow joint.

What are the parts of the bicep?

There are two muscle groups on the front of the upper-arm the biceps and brachialis

What is the difference between brachialis and brachioradialis?

The biceps brachialis muscle is inserted into ulna while brachioradialus is inserted into radius moreover brachialis contracts ulna to bend the arm at elbow and branchioradialus contracts to perform the same job.

What muscle originates on the distal anterior humerus and inserts onto the coronoid process of the ulna to cause arm reflexion?

The brachialis muscle originates on the distal anterior humerus and insert at the coronoid process. The function of the brachialis is flexion at the elbow.

What would be the antagonist to the muscle that flexes the arm would be a muscle that?

Looks like you are looking for the antagonistic pair. The muscular group that flexes the arm would be the antagonistic pair of tricep brachi and the brachialis.

Name any muscles in the upper arm?

the deltoid muscle is the muscle forming the rounded contour of the shoulder.the biceps brachii, or simply biceps in common parlance, is, as the name implies, a two-headed muscle located on the upper arm.The brachialis (brachialis anticus) is a muscle in the upper arm that flexes the elbow joint.The Coracobrachialis is the smallest of the three muscles that attach to the coracoid process of the scapula

Is the triceps muscle of the arm a flexor or an extensor?

extensorThe triceps brachii is an extensor. It is the large muscle on the back of the arm and is primarily the muscle used for extension of the elbow joint or straightening of the arm. The triceps is also an antagonist of the biceps and the brachialis muscles.ExtensorsTriceps is not a flexor. It is extensor of the elbow joint.

What is the muscle deep to the biceps brachii?


What is the antagonistic muscle of the brachialis?

Triceps brachii

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