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Is breakage a simple word?

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You can't expect to deliver eggs without some breakage among the lot.

There are two syllables divided like so: break-age.

Aluminums breakage pattern is Fracture.

The term 'breakage' is another way to describe your spill, or what has been lossed or damaged as a result of breaking.

work does not have a simple word its the simplest

She told me not to upset the vase as it was a rare piece with which she wanted to take no risks of breakage.

I think that the breakage of fluorite would be cleavage because it is cut in a direct way.

No. 'It' is a simple subject.

The noun 'break' is a singular, common noun. The noun 'break' is a concrete noun as a word for a physical separation, gap, or fracture. The noun 'break' is an abstract noun as a word for an interruption in continuity or a temporary pause in work or activity. The noun forms of the verb to break are breaker, breakage, and the gerund, breaking.

The African Luhya word for the English term 'simple' is "rahisii".

The "simple subject' is the main word in the sentence that tell, "whom" or "what" the sentence is aboutNow on the other hand, the "simple predicate" or "verb" is the main word or word group that tells something about the subject of the sentence.

This is a simple sentence.

Another simple word for effective is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another simple word for effective is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^lol^^^^

One Simple Word was created on 1990-10-08.

Are you referring to the definition to be simple or the definition of "simple predicate"? Anyway, I'm thinking that you mean the former. A simple predicate is the word that shows what is happening. In the before sentence, is is the simple predicate. "is the word that shows what is happening" is the whole predicate. A verb will not always be the simple predicate, and simple predicates will not always be 1 word.

A simple predicate is only one word, so do not is not a simple predicate

Plain is a word that means simple and starts with a p.

A simple predicate is a verb.

simple is spelled the same in French.

A Rock Breakage is a rock that breaks when its age is old. They can be found at the Trench where rocks re formed and rocks that are old

you can stop hair breakage by being gentle with your hair as far as combing and styling.also keeping your hair moisturized

Yes, the word 'simpler' is the comparative form of the adjective 'simple'.simple (positive)simpler (comparative)simplest (superlative)

Simple is the correct spelling of the word.Some example sentence using the word are:It was a very simple exam.The recipe seemed to be simple enough at first.I am just a simple man.

The word simple has two syllables divided like so: sim-ple.

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