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Q: Is bro nu Hauptmann liable for the kidnapping incidents of the Lindbergh case?
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What Kind of kidnapping that involves the victim being held in order to facilitate a robbery?

In Canada, this would be forcible confinement, liable to 10 years of imprisonment. (section 279(2) Canadian criminal code). Armed robbery is liable to imprisonment for life (section 344 Canadian Criminal code)

What rhymes with reliable?

Liable and flyable. I'm not liable if it's not flyable or not reliable!Plyable, Liable,

Is a cosigner liable for a death if the car has no insurance?

No, a co signor would not be liable. A co-buyer would be liable.

How is the word liable used in a sentence?

I'm not very liable to answer this quickly.

Is there a difference between guilty and liable?

Guilty and Liable both mean that you are responsible by law. However, you are "liable" in civil cases and determined "guilty" in criminal cases. There is also a difference between state (liable) and federal (guilty).

Who is Liable of personal vehicle used for job?

The driver and the owner is liable.

When drag racing or joyriding who is liable?

the driver and the owner is liable for anything

If someone else crashes your car are they liable?

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

Are you liable for your husbands credit card?

Yes, you are liable for your husbands credit card.

If I had a motor vehicle accident and have property damage liability is the other drivers vehicle covered?

That's what liability is all about. The keyword here is liability, which covers any incidents you may be liable for. Your policy will cover the vehicle, subject to policy limits. What happens if the damage you cause exceeds your policy limits, that I am unsure of.

Is the executor of the estate liable for mortgage if foreclosure?

The executor is not personally liable for anything. The estate is liable for all of the debts. If the executor is going to inherit anything, there may not be anything for them to get.

Who is liable when title is in one name and driven by another?

Title holder is always liable.

What if i sold my car and now 4 months later its engine blew am i liable?

No, You are not liable.

If someone dies from alcohol poisoning after leaving your party are you liable?

You could be liable yes.

Can a spouse be held liable for child support?

A spouse can be held liable for child support.

Who is liable for an accidental apartment fire?

If the accident was caused by the negligence of any party, then they are liable.

Are you liable for a person parking in front of your house?

Liable for what? A parking ticket? Not if it isn't your car.

Can an executor be held personally liable for the estate tax?

can the executor be liable for estate tax

What is a good sentence for the word liable in it?

You are liable to pay for the damages on your property because of your lack of insurance.

Am I liable if anything happens to someone living in my property rent free?

Yes you will remain liable

Am I liable if my tree fell on neighbor's car during cyclone?

No, Nobody is liable for an act of Nature

If a person is living on your property and gets in trouble are you liable?

You are liable for felonies, but otherwise not for anything else.

Who is liable for tree due to storms in neighbors car?

No one is financially liable for acts of nature.

Is a medical receptionist liable for negligence?

Yes, All the hospital staff's are liable for medical negligence.

Who is liable for damages from an hit-and-run unlicensed driver and the insured owner of the vehicle was the passenger?

Both the Driver and the Owner are liable for the damages. The driver, whether licensed or not is the primarily liable party. The insured passenger owner is secondarily liable for damages by the unlicensed driver he permitted to operate his vehicle.