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Bromine is a non-metal.

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Is chlorine classified as a metalloid?

Chlorine is not a metalloid. It is a non metal.

Is aluminum a metal or non metal or metalloid?

Aluminum is normally classified as a metal, but it has some characteristics that cause it to be occasionally classified as a metalloid.

Is bromine a metal metalloid nonmetal or transition element?

Bromine is a non metal. It belongs to halogen family.

Why is silicon chemically classified as a metalloid?

silicon is classifiedas a metalloid because it posses both properties of metal and non metal

How is silicon normally classified?

Metalloid because it has both metal and non-metal qualities

Is As a metal non metal or a metalloid?

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

Is carbon-dioxide a non-metal?

Carbon Dioxide is a compound formed by a Carbon and Oxygen. Only an element can be classified as a metal, non-metal or a metalloid. Compounds cannot be classified in these categories. Carbon and oxygen both are non-metals.

Why is bromine a metal?

Bromine is a non-metal, not metal.

Is the bromine a metal?

No, Bromine is a non-metal.

Is bromine a metal or non-metal?

Bromine is a nonmetal.

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