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Is building a resource?


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No, building is not a resource


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A resource is a material that is useful to humans (such as water,building marerial,fossil fuels,crops...etc)

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If you have water and you've never used it as a resource before then yes it is a alternative resource. eg. if your thinking of building a hydro-electric dam then water is an alternative energy resource to what ever you were using before.

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That could be related to a number of issues. One could be your wheat production. If your main building is at a certain level, you are not allowed to build unless you have a certain wheat production. Another reason is that you are only allowed to build one building/resource field at a time. Romans are excluded from this rule and may build one building and one resource at the same time.

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A green building is a structure that is made from environmentally safe and resource-efficient materials. It is also called a "natural" building.

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