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It can be. Many women that are pregnant have a burning sensation (heart burn) in there early and later stages. In there early stages it can happen if they eat food or drink acidy drinks. In the later stages the baby pushes your acid up to you chest which also causes heart burn

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Is a burning sensation in the breasts and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

It can be or an infection.

Is severe burn in the stomach a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, your stomach acid increases causing a burning sensation in your stomach or better known as heartburn just running through your stomach to your lower chest

Is a burning sensation while urinating a sign of gonorrhea?

Yes it can be a sign of gonorrhea.

Is a burning sensation in the uterus an early sign of being pregnant?

Not exactly an answer, but I'm suspecting it is a sign, as I suspect I'm pregnant and have been having a burning sensation in the uterus too.

Is chest pain a sign of pregnancy?

Chest pain is not a sign of pregnancy but should be checked by a doctor. Breast tenderness (pain) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Pinching feeling in pelvic area?

Could be a sign of pregnancy....if body is not hydrated enough you will feel pinching/burning sensation in lower pelvic. Placenta needs lots of water!

Is a burning in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


Is sensation in the breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Was for me each time! Worth cking with a doctor or doing a home pregnancy test.

Is a tingling sensation in the vaginal area possibly an early sign of pregnancy?

Its unlikely. It could be a nerve.

Is the burning sensation on your breast is a sign of pregnancy?

I am hoping it is. I am experiencing this right now and we have been trying to conceive. I am 9dpo and the burning starts at my breasts, goes down my arms into my elbows and into my pinkies. I also had some slight nausea today. I will test in the morning so we will see.

Is it an early sign of pregnancy when your pee burns?

I have had not herd of pee burning at early pregnancy you might have a yeast infection.

Is burning acid feeling in the stomach an early sign of pregnancy?

No, it's an early sign of heart burn or indigestion, however, these signs may be signs of pregnancy.

Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.

Can acid reflux cause tenderness burning sensation and sore lips without any sign of cold sores or canker sores?


Is burning nipples a sign of pregnancy or impending period?

Burning feeling in the nipples can be caused by several things which are as follows: * Irritation from bra. * Irritation caused by soap and/or washing powder. * Pregnancy. * Period about to start.

Is abdominal pain and burning a sign of pregnancy?

Sounds more like an infection. Go and see the doctor

Is burning in the vagina a sign of pregnancy?

No, but it may be a sign of an infection or a Sexually transmitted disease. An infection could be an Urinary Tract Infection. You should see a doctor.

Is frequent urination a sign of pregnancy how early does it start I've had intercourse about 2 weeks ago n im constantly urinating about every 45 minutes n waking up in the middle of the night 2 pee?

it can be,but you could have a urine infection do you have a burning sensation when you pee.

Could a swollen tender sensation around the genitals be a sign of early pregnancy?

No this is most likely a sign of a yeast or basterial infection of even a STD. See your doctor for a vaginal SWAB test.

Is green poop a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not a sign of pregnancy.

If your breasts itch is that a sign of pregnancy?

no it is not a sign pregnancy

Is cramping on the IUD a sign of pregnancy?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is a sign of pregnancy on the IUD

Is the balisawsaw is the sign of pregnancy?

is balisawsaw is one of the sign of pregnancy?

Is nervousness a sign of early pregnancy?

Nervousness is not a sign of pregnancy.