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No, cabbage is not classified as a root vegetable. The edible part grows above the ground. Although cabbage has roots, they are not the edible part. Such things as carrot and potato (where the edible parts grow under the ground) are classified as "root" vegetables.

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Is a cabbage a root vegetable?


Is cabbage root vegetable?

No, cabbage grows above ground, root vegetables grow in the ground (like roots). Examples of root vegetables are potatoes, carrots, radishes, and yams.

Is cabbage a leafy vegetable?

Yes, cabbage is a leafy vegetable.

What type of vegetable grows in Alaska?

Most root type vegetables due well as does cabbage.

Is cabbage some kind of vegetable?

Yes, cabbage is considered a vegetable.

Is cabbage a fruit?

Cabbage is a vegetable.

Is fruit a cabbage?

cabbage is a vegetable

Is a cabbage a flower?

A cabbage is a vegetable.

Are beetroot and red cabbage the same thing?

No, they aren't the same thing. Beetroot is a root vegetable. The vegetable grows below the ground, while the edible greens are grown on top. Red cabbage is a variety of cabbage that grows on top of the soil in individual heads.

Is cabbage a root or stem?

cabbage is a root

Is broccoli a root vegetable?

No, it is a stalk vegetable related to cabbage. The edible green part is the flower.No . . . the harvested parts of the broccoli plant are the stems and the blossoms.

Is a cabbage a fruit or a vegetable?

It is a vegetable

Is cabbage a fruit or vegetable?

Cabbage is Jewish

Is cabbage a white vegetable?

Cabbage is available in several varieties and is considered a leafy vegetable.

Originally a cross between the cabbage and the white turnip what root vegetable is also called a Swedish turnip?


Where do cabbage store their food?

Cabbage don't have storage roots or tubers, they are not a root vegetable. All the energy goes into producing flowers and seeds, if they are not cut down before.

Can you substitute red cabbage for green cabbage in vegetable beef soup?

Yes, you can. Red or green cabbage can be used in vegetable soup.

What fruits or vegetables start with R and end with A?

Rutabaga is a root vegetable. They are members of the cabbage family. It is a hybrid of the turnip and wild cabbage. Outside of the U.S. rutabagas are known as swedes.

What vegetable group is cabbage in?

Cabbage is a Brassica in the turnip and cabbage genus of Cruciferae.

What Kind of vegetable is cabbage?

It is a leafy, green vegetable

What is cauliflower a fruit or vegetable?

Vegetable in the cabbage family

What is the definition of cabbage?

Cabbage is green tight leaved vegetable.

Is cabbage a vegetable?


What vegetable is in kimchi?


Vegetable with many layers?

Onion, cabbage, lettuce

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