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Is cacthing the holy ghost real?


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Being filled with the Holy Ghost is real.

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There is no difference. It is the same thing. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost are the same thing, you can call it one or the other. The Holy Ghost is the ONLY ghost there are no such things as ghosts besides the Holy Ghost

A Holy Ghost baptism means you speak in tongues when you receive the Holy Ghost.

No, they do not believe in the Holy Ghost.

The biblical meaning of "Holy Ghost" is "Holy Spirit". The word is seen in The Bible, where the Holy Ghost is replaced by Holy Spirit insinuating the spirit of God.

If memory serves me correct each leaf was part of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The holy ghost is not Jerry Garcia.

Phillip was full of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost fire is described in Acts 2. The holy ghost is described as fire several times in the Bible.

Tarrying is waiting, and yearning to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost Fathers was created in 1703.

A Temple of the Holy Ghost was created in 1954.

Holy Ghost Building was created in 2008.

God is the Father Son is Jesus Holy ghost is the holy spirit

The holy ghost or (spirit) is another form of Jesus and God

Apostolics do believe in the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

The duration of Holy Ghost People is 3180.0 seconds.

The holy ghost is basically like a conscience, the little voice in you that tells what's right and wrong

When your baptized, In Jesus Name, Your are emersed in Water. At that point the Lord washes away all of your sins. Once you are baptized, you seek the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Lord, the Comforter that was promised by Jesus before before his death and resurrection. When you speak in toungues, you are filled with the Holy Ghost. That is your evidence to know that you have the Holy Ghost. You have repentance, baptism in Jesus' Name, and then you're filled with the Holy Ghost. Read Acts 2, this explains when the Holy Ghost fell on the day of Pentecost. Also read Luke 11 where Jesus speaks about sending a Comforter (the Holy Ghost).

The Holy Spirit is the modern term for 'Holy Ghost' e.g Father, Son, and Holy Spirit We are all of these at the same time.

Ghost are real I saw my dead uncle in my room at night my mom was asleep and i was just chatting with my friend on likee so I asked him if it was ok to see your dead uncle he said yes I almost cried

The Gifts of the Holy Ghost are listed in 1Corinthians 12:1-11.

There is no evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost - it is a matter of belief alone.

The holy ghost is not visible , but he is with us always if we believe in god.

Holy Ghost Preparatory School was created in 1897.

The older versions of the King James Bible mentions Holy Ghost 90 times. The new printings have changed the name to Holy Spirit which is the same as Holy Ghost.

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