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"Cactus" is the singular form.

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How is cacti spelled when it is plural?


What is the singular form of cacti?

The singular form of the plural cacti is cactus.

What is the singular or plural noun for cacti?

Cacti is plural. Cactus is singular.

What is a cacti?

There is no such thing as a cacti. Cacti is plural for the singular cactus.

Is cacti singular or plural noun?

Cacti is plural form for the singular cactus.

What is the singular of the word cacti?

The singular of cacti is cactus. As in "the cactus is very prickly".

Is the word cacti singular or plural?

The noun cacti is plural. The singular form is cactus.

Is Cacti a Singular or is it a Plural Noun?

The word cacti is a plural noun; the singular is one cactus.

Is it spelled cactuses or cacti?

Cacti is the accepted term in botany.

Which is singular cactus or cacti?

cacti is plural cactus is single

Is cacti singular or plural?

Cactus is Singular. Cacti is Plural. Examples: I saw a cactus at the national park. I saw cacti at the natural park. This is not correct: I saw a cacti at the national park.

What is the singular noun of cacti?

Cactus is the singular form.

What is singular of cactus?

Cactus - singular Cacti - plural

What is the difference between cactus and cacti?

Cactus is singular, cacti is plural.

What is difference between cacti and cactus?

Cacti is the singular and catus is the plural. :)

What is the singular word for cacti?


What in the singular form of cactus?

The noun cactus is the singular.The plural forms are cacti or cactuses, both forms are accepted.

What is the plural of the word catcus?

The plural form for the singular noun cactus is cacti.

Is Cactus singular or plural?

Cactus is singular. The plural forms are cacti or cactuses, both are accepted.Examples:I saw a cactus at the national park.I saw some cacti at the natural park.We have several flowering cactuses in stock.

What is Cacti's plural possessive or singular possessive?

The form cacti's is the possessive form of the pluralnoun cacti.The singular noun is cactus. The singular possessive form is cactus's.

How is specieses spelled plural?

The word is just spelled species whether singular or plural.

What plural word has less letters than its singular form?

Platypus - platypi cactus - cacti

What is the plural for hor d'oeuvre?

The singular is spelled "hors d'oeuvre" and the plural is spelled "hors d'oeuvres."

How do you spell cactes?

The name for some plants in predominantly arid regions is spelled cactus (plural cacti).

How is you spelled in French?

You is spelled 'tu' (used informally, and in the singular) or 'vous' (formal or plural form) in French.