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No. Caffeine is a stimulate or a drug and for some people, taking in too much can work against your heart -- especially during exercise. It can make your heart race or cause you to feel palpitations. If you take in caffeine, do so in moderation. For example, 1 - 2 cups of coffee are within the limits of normal. Drink 2 - 3 energy drinks with high levels of caffeine before and during exercise may cause problems.

2006-09-02 15:48:19
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Q: Is caffeine good for the body if used with exercise?
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Where is caffeine used in the body?

into the bloodstream

How does caffeine affect the body if abused?

Caffeine is a drug and should be used in moderation. If abused, the body can create a high tolerance for caffeine. If this happens, then it would take a larger amount of caffeine to get the stimulated effect that a small amount of caffeine used to cause.

What happens to your body when you dont exercise?

When you don't exercise your body loses muscle tone. When muscles are not used for long periods of time, they are lost.

Does your body get used to exercise routines?

Yes, but it takes awhile.

Which pathway does the body use to release energy during exercise?

Aerobic Metabolism is the pathway used for exercise

What part of the body does an exercise bike work?

Mostly the legs, but you do get a bit of an upper body workout when you're riding out of the saddle.The exercise bike when used right can be a benefit for the lower body. In particular, the glute muscles as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings typically get the most benefit of it usage. Overall, cardio health is the best benefit of a good exercise bike ride.

Is jumping rope good for your body?

Jumping rope is known as a skipping rope in the UK. It is a very good and simple means to exercise - much used by boxers during training.

What type of used exercise machine might be good for someone just starting out and on a budget?

a used eliptical or treadmill might be a good item to start out with. They are both rather easy to use and you can find them at decent prices used on numerous websites. They work out different areas of your body and help get you motivated for more advanced exercise.

Are aerobic exercises used commonly?

Aerobic exercise can be common when our body needs to stay fit and perform them properly because they help us to maintain a healthy body and good health.

How does exercise increases flexibility?

your body gets used to the stretching and can do it easier

Extra calories that your body doesnt used are stored as?

Exercise burns extra calories. Extra calories that your body dosent used are stored as

What are the benefits to the body by using exercise balls?

The exercise balls are used as waits in certain exercises. They are most useful for abs workout.

Does chai have caffeine?

Unless decaffeinated tea is used to make it, it will have caffeine in it.

How does caffeine affect your body?

caffeine acts as a vasodilator and has mild stimulating properties which would be useful before exercising or times of /a pick me up /concentration best used on empty stomach... . caffeine has an acidic ph, aggrivating indigestion and heart burn .caffiene is diurectic, purging fluids out of cells which are needed to transport assimilated nutrients around body.

How is Caffeine used?

By truckers

Why is caffeine used in chocolates and ice creams?

Caffeine is naturally present in chocolate.

What is caffeine used for?

The biggest use of caffeine is as a stimulant. People drink coffee and other drinks with caffeine to stay awake. Doctors sometimes use caffeine as a medicine like for example: headaches and head pain. Caffeine is sometimes given to people after lumber puncture, caffeine was found to relieve hunger so it was used for loss. That did not last because people were using to much. Caffeine can be a very dangerous drug when not used in the right way. Caffeine also has medicinal properties it is used in many over the counter medicines. Caffeine can help to alleviate headaches and cramps.

Which will give you more energy coffee or energy drinks?

Actually, caffeine can't "give" you energy. It is a stimulant which causes your body to use energy faster, and MANY energy drinks have more caffeine than coffee. Either coffee with sugar or energy drinks with sugar will provide a source for the energy boost provided by the caffeine, but both can be dangerous when used in excess. By far the best way to assure you have all the energy you need is to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get enough rest.

Why exercise is good for legs?

it helps makes our legs stronger and used to this excersise :)

What uses does potassium have?

its used in the body as an 'electrolyte' it helps the muscles from cramping during intense exercise.

What term is used to refer to exercise in which muscles contract but there is very little body movement?


Exercise burns extra calories Extra calories that your body doesn't used are stored as?


Why would a physically fit person return to normal breathing and heart rate levels more quickly than a nonfit person?

A fitter persons body is more used to exercise and can recover quicker than someone whos body is not used to exercise.

How fast does caffeine act?

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world. Caffeine acts fast and is immediately distributed to the brain.

Is nicotine more addictive then caffeine?

yes, however caffeine is more widely used.