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No. Caffeine is a stimulate or a drug and for some people, taking in too much can work against your heart -- especially during exercise. It can make your heart race or cause you to feel palpitations. If you take in caffeine, do so in moderation. For example, 1 - 2 cups of coffee are within the limits of normal. Drink 2 - 3 energy drinks with high levels of caffeine before and during exercise may cause problems.

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Q: Is caffeine good for the body if used with exercise?
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into the bloodstream

How does caffeine affect the body if abused?

Caffeine is a drug and should be used in moderation. If abused, the body can create a high tolerance for caffeine. If this happens, then it would take a larger amount of caffeine to get the stimulated effect that a small amount of caffeine used to cause.

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Extra calories that your body doesnt used are stored as?

Exercise burns extra calories. Extra calories that your body dosent used are stored as

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