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Sadly no, however Malorie did use some of her real life experience, black people were treated like slaves and white people were rich in the book it was the other way round. For example once Malorie needed a plaster however only white plasters were sold; white showed a lot on her black skin and she used that in the book however instead of her it happened to Shania. Not all of the book is true experience though.

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Yes, Callum from "Noughts and Crosses" can be seen as a victim of society due to the discrimination and prejudice he faces as a Nought in a society dominated by the ruling Crosses. His opportunities and treatment are limited by societal norms and expectations based on his skin color.

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If you havent finished the book yet dont read this....

but he gets hung :(

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Q: Is callum from the book noughts and crosses a victim of society?
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