Is cannibalism against the law?

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This may vary by your local, state, or federal laws.
From a quick search for "cannibal" and "cannibalism" in a dozen or so state law websites, no instance was found. The act of murder, however, is illegal at all levels in the United States of America. You may also run afoul of laws concerning the handling of cadavers, food safety, and other laws in your locale.
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What is cannibalization?

Cannibalization has many definitions, but one of the simplest is to define it as taking serviceable parts from a thing that does not work to use them on another thing that does not work to make one thing that does work . The term probably came into popular use during WW2 when clever, mechanically ( Full Answer )

What are cannibals?

Cannibals are humans who eat other humans. Or: Species that consume for food their same species: MANY animals have been known to exhibit cannibalistic behaviors. 1)a person who eats the flesh of another person "cannibal tribes" 2)an animal that feeds on flesh of it's own species Someone who eats ( Full Answer )

Should gambling be against the law?

Some people think gambling should be against the law because itcauses people to gamble more than they have. Addiction is an issuewith gambling and can result in ruined lives.

Is there a law against treason?

Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution: . Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witness ( Full Answer )

What are the laws against heroin?

well it depends on what country, state, or province you are using it. some countries are more harsh than others

What is crime against humanity law?

There is no specific codified "Crime Against Humanity' law in the US. It is a euphemism and a generally used expression used to describe such a horrible, unimaginable happening as to be an offense against ALL of mankind. The WWII Holocaust would be a perfect and well known example. ________ It' ( Full Answer )

Is loud noise against the law?

Typically, yes. The laws may vary depending on your zoning. For instance, if you're a bar in a commercial district, complaints by residential neighbors may be taken less seriously due a more commercial location. But if you're just a noisy neighbor, complaints will likely be taken seriously by local ( Full Answer )

Is it against the law to spank your child?

it is if u just spank them for no reason it is against the law but if they did something bab u can spank them and it isn't against the law

Where is it against the law to commit adultery?

Your question is too broad. You need to check each particular jurisdiction. Adultery is grounds for divorce in most states in the US. In the Middle East it is a serious offense and can result in death by stoning in many areas.

Are there laws against racism?

There are laws that prohibit discrimination and hate crime, but simple racism is perfectly legal. The law cannot control what a person thinks, and freedom of speech even protects the KKK.

What are the laws against pitbulls in Florida?

Cape Coral, North Miami/Dade County and Tamarac have ban or Restrictions. For example, Dade county has this law. It is illegal in Miami-Dade County to own or keep American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or any other dog that substantially conform ( Full Answer )

Is it Against the law to damage a mailbox?

Of course!, its is private property of the owner. Added: In addition to being the private property of the owner, it is also against federal law. US Postal Regulations prohibit damaging or destroying recepacles for US Mail.

Is it against the law not to have health care?

According to the new Affordable Care Act (often called "ObamaCare"), it will be illegal not to have insurance unless you are poor, in which case, you will be eligible for government subsidies. The people who choose not to buy into the system will pay a fine of $695. The reason for having such a fine ( Full Answer )

Are there any laws against anorexia?

Not really. Some professional modeling and fashion / media agencies do not hire anorexics or those suspected of being anorexic, but there are no actual laws that are widely used / enforced about or against anorexia.

Are bb guns against the law?

This would depend on state law. It all depends on what state you live in. Check your state laws online. I do not believe any state in the US has made bb gun illegal but im not completely sure. i do know that many states have regulations on them though.

Is it against the law to be a Nazi?

In the US, it is legal to consider yourself a member of the Nazi party, to support them and to speak about their values. It would be illegal to do any harm to any other person or begin war efforts as a result of your belief. The US Constitution protects people to be anything they want to be, but ( Full Answer )

Is binge drinking against the law?

although drinking isnt illegal in itself (as long as your old enough to purchase and consume it in your country) driving whilst being over the drink drive limit is an offence, so is underage drinking. so the answer to your question is binge drinking is not illegal in itself, unless you are underage ( Full Answer )

Were there any laws against bastardy?

No, not per se , although once-upon-a-time the 'bastard" child bore a social stigma due to their so-called "illegetimate" birth (note: in some nations and cultures this may still hold true today). The legality of illegitimate birth MAY enter into the legal arena when an 'illegitimate' claims they ( Full Answer )

Is a monopoly against the law?

No, only if the company uses it's status to bankrupt other companies trying to compete with it.

Is spitting against the law?

It depends what country you are in, because in some countries itis, but in others it isn't.

What is the name of the law against murder?

Each state and country has it's own law making murder a crime. Generally, the murder law is codified in a code section titled "Homicide" or something to that effect.

Why are the laws against tobacco?

you cant smoke with ppl underage in your car, you cant smoke inside public buildings, you cant smoke near public building doors, you cant smoke on school grounds, you cant buy or give cigrets to an underage personm im sure theres more that's just naming a few

Is there a law against torture?

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment," which most people interpret to be a law against torture. On the international level, the Geneva Convention prohibits torture and general mistreatment of prisoners of war. The reason there is currently a debate ( Full Answer )

Is it against the law to hit a man?

United States: Yes, it is against the law to hit a man or a woman unless they hit you first and you need to use reasonable force to defend yourself. United States: Yes, it is against the law to hit a man or a woman unless they hit you first and you need to use reasonable force to defend yourself. ( Full Answer )

Is profanity in Michigan against the law?

Yes, there is a Statute MCL 750.337. Since the late 1800s it hasbeen a law that it is unlawful to curse or swear in front of womenor children. However People v. Boomer, 250 Mich. App. 534; 655 NW2d 255 (2002) while stating that the Legislature could adopt such aprohibition, held the STATUTE was vagu ( Full Answer )

When did speeding become against the law?

Rules of the road, such as speed limits and traffic control devises are governed by each individual state in the US. Each state and locality began implementing these rules as vehicles became more common. Speeding first became a crime in Connecticut in 1901, and later followed in other areas.

Is it against the law to pee outside?

(In the US) Nowhere. This is called Public Urination. In the past, it was a class four misdemeanor that bought you a ticket. Now it is consider Criminal Sexual Conduct and will buy you in most states a four year prison term and a twenty-five year registration. And in addition you may well find your ( Full Answer )

When did the holocaust become against the law?

It is only "denial" of the Holocaust that is illegal in some countries. The Holocaust is the name used for the Nazi genocide against the Jews during World War II. After the war, Germany, Austria and other countries passed laws that prohibited the public denial of the Holocaust as an historical fact. ( Full Answer )

Are there any laws against Facebook?

Facebook is legal in most places, though it is possible that some countries have blocked or banned it. There are laws in the US against those under 13 having a Facebook account and sharing personal data. Inappropriate pictures can also be illegal.

Is it against the law to email a celebrity?

Not unless you have been issued a no-contact order for that particular celebrity. The celebrity might not have time to answer you personally, though.

Is it against the law to duplicate DVDs?

Yes, it is illegal to duplicate DVD's. This is called pirating. Many people say that it is legal as long as you do not sell them. This is true, but not if you are duplicating a rented DVD, because you do not own it.

Why is necrophilia against the law?

Because there is no consent. It also depends on why you want to do it since some reasons would be classified as mental illness.

Is it against the law to pray in school?

No. maybe in some countries. Added: In the US, public prayer in tax supported public elementary and secondary schools is generally banned, however private, silent prayer is permitted.

Is dog fighting against the law?

As of 2008, dog fighting is a felony in all50 states & the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico &the U.S. Virgin Islands. In most states, the possession of dogs forthe purpose of fighting is also a felony offense. Being a spectatorat a dog fight is illegal in all states except Montana &Hawaii.

Is being a transgender against the law?

Not in most "Western" countries. In nations such as the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, and many others, being transgender is not only completely legal, but is also increasingly accepted by society. However, in some areas of the world where it is almost universally seen as immoral, as well as ( Full Answer )

What are the laws against dog fighting?

As of 2008, dog fighting is a felony in all50 states & the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico &the U.S. Virgin Islands. In most states, the possession of dogs forthe purpose of fighting is also a felony offense. Being a spectatorat a dog fight is illegal in all states except Montana &Hawaii.