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It is not legal to work in this country if you do not have a green card and you are an illegal.

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Q: Is it illegal to work in the US if you are an illegal or is it just illegal to hire an illegal?
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Is it illegal for an immigrant with a visa stay in the US more than what their supposed to and have kids and work here?

It is illegal for an immigrant with a visa to stay in the U.S. more than what they are supposed to. It is not illegal to have kids or to work here, but it is illegal to hire that person.

Can a Canadian company hire a US Citizen to work for them in the US?


How long would you expect to work for us if hire?

I expect maximum six hours from you if you hire me.

Can a US Company hire a Indian citizen to work remotely?

A US employer can hire anyone with valid work permits or a US passport, and can hire no one else in the USA. A US employer must comply with the local labor laws when hiring employees in other nations.

Do software pirates know that their work was illegal?

May be illegal, BUT IT HELPS US!

Is lolicon illegal in Illinois?

It is just as illegal as child porn throughout the US.

How many illegal aliens work in the US?

12 million

Why does the US exploit illegal immigrants?

The "U.S." as a whole doesn't, people in the U.S. who hire them do. And it's because they can. Who are the illegals going to complain to?

Can a US Company hire a Canadian citizen to work for the US company in Canada?

Yes you can. If you have work to be done in Canada, this is one of the easier ways of doing it.

Where is raw milk illegal?

I don't know all the places it's illegal, but it is illegal in the US, why? i don't know. I think the government just doesn't want us to be healthy. =)

Is it legal to work a legal immigrant be for a us citizen in the state of fl.?

If you mean is it legal to HIRE a legal immigrant, then yes, certainly. It is ILLEGAL for employers to prefer US citizens over legally admitted immigrants. everyone legally allowed to work in the USA competes with every other legal worker. The ILLEGALS must sit out the competition and not work anywhere.

Can an illegal person obtain a work permit if she has a US citizen son?


Can an illegal immigrant get legal if he has a kid born in the United States?

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

Why is it illegal for Mexicans come over to the US?

It is not illegal for Mexicans to come into the US. It is illegal for them to do it in an illegal way. You don't just cross a border, buy falsified documentation, have kids, and assume that everything will be ok and you will become a citizen. We Don't have open borders, with citizenship open to all who can figure out how to cross the border. But anyone from Mexico is welcome to come to the US legally and to work toward citizenship. We are a nation created by immigrants.

Can an illegal alien with valid social security number work in US?


Is frost wire legal in the US?

No. it is not, it is just like limewire which is illegal.

Is a right side driving car illegal?

No. Just impractical in the US.

Can an illegal alien join the US army?

Yes if he has documentAdded: No, but a legal immigrant/alien CAN volunteer for US military service as an adjuct in helping them become a citizen. ILLEGAL alines are just that - ILLEGAL.

Why is absinthe illegal in the US?

It is not illegal in the US.

Is Mike Holmes for hire in the US?

You can make contact through his website. He has undertaken work in the US which has been screened in Canada and the UK

If an illegal alien who has an expired work visa gets married to a US citizen will it allow the illegal alien to apply for residency?

I do not think that applys any longer. So the answer is no you will not automaticly become an American Citzen just because you marry one of us. I do not think that applys any longer. So the answer is no you will not automaticly become an American Citzen just because you marry one of us.

How do you go about divorcing an inmate?

Just like any other divorce in the US 1st....Hire an attorney.... 2nd...Fill out all the paper work and the attorney will begin the divorce process..

Why does the US Government not want to stop illegal aliens from coming into the US and bringing heroin in to sell to our younger generation?

Please don't equate "illegal aliens = criminals". Anybody can, and sometimes does, commit crimes, not just illegal aliens.

Do you have the word slapdash in an example sentence?

This trainee always gives us slapdash work, we're not going to hire her.

Who doesn't have to pay taxes in the US?

Non US citizens who do not work for a US company or live in the US. Huge multinational companies who can afford to hire accountants to avoid paying tax