Is captain kangaroo Frank Zappa's father?

No he is not. Frank Zappa's father is Francis Vincent Zappa, Sr. Urban legend says that Mr. Green Jeans, a regular on Captain Kangaroo was Frank Zappa's father. That is not true!!!

While numerous people have answered this question, and Frank Zappa himself addressed the topic years ago, claiming that Mr. Green Jeans was NOT his father, the fact is we simply do not know with whom Frank Zappa's mother was sleeping. Without exhuming Hugh Brannum's and Frank Zappa's bodies and performing DNA tests, this question will never be definitively answered.

In my opinion, there is far too much denial for there not to be something more to this story. And let's face it: as much as we loved Frank Zappa, he simply was not that reliable and we should not automatically assume that Mr. Brannum is not his father. Think about it. It would have been embarrassing to have Mr. Green Jeans as your father if you were as wild and crazy as Frank Zappa. Also, we cannot deny the fact that the cast of Captain Kangaroo enjoyed smoking pot, as did Frank Zappa. So, while Francis Vincent Zappa, Sr. was undoubtedly Frank Zappa's legal father, we simply do not have anything that proves he was his biological father.