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Yes. a covalent bond is formed between carbon and chlorine.

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Is Carbon-Chlorine a nonpolar covalent bond?

No. A carbon-chlorine bond is a polar covalent bond.

Is carbon Chloride a covalent bond?

A carbon-chlorine bond is covalent but chlorine is more electronegative than carbon so it is a polar covalent bond.

What type of bond would form between carbon and chlorine?

A Covalent Bond because carbon and chlorine are both non metals and a covalent bond is between the electros of the nonmetals.

What kind of bond does chlorine and carbon forms?

Carbon and Chlorine form polarized covalent bonds

What type of bonding exist between carbon and chlorine?

A carbon-chlorine bond would be covalent but chlorine is more electronegative than carbon so the bond would be polar.

What kind of bond exists between carbon atom and chlorine atom?

Covalent bond exists between a carbon atom and a chlorine atom.

Is chlorine and carbon are ionic or covalent bond?

Covalent, because they are both non-metals

Is chlorophyll an ionic or a covalent bond?

Chlorophyll makes a covalent bond, as the elements it is made from, hydrogen, chlorine and carbon, all need what the others have and so they form a covalent bond

What compounds can chlorine form?

polar covalent bond to form chlorine gas. covalent bonds to form chloro-alkanes when reacted with carbon.

Is Carbon an ionic or covalent bond?

A carbon-carbon bond is covalent.

Is the bond between carbon and chlorine a polar covalent?

yes, the difference in electronegativity is .5

What kind of bond does carbon and chlorine make?

It makes a covalent bond. This means a bond between a metal and non-metal element.

Does carbon tetrabromide have a covalent bond?

Carbon tetrabromide has a covalent bond.

Can chlorine form an covalent bond with carbon?

Yes. Examples are methyl chloride (chloromethane) CH3Cl, carbon tetrachloride, CCl4

Is Carbon a Ionic bond or Covalent bond?

Carbon forms a covalent bond with other nonmetals.

What is the main difference in covalent bonds in diatomic chlorine and diatomic oxygen?

The covalent bond in diatomic oxygen is a double bond and is stronger than the single covalent bond in diatomic chlorine.

What is the covalent bond of hydrogen and chlorine?

Hydrogen chloride, HCl, has a polar covalent bond

What is the bond type for CH2Cl2?

CH2Cl2 has covalent bonding because Carbon, Hydrogen, and Chlorine are nonmetals, and nonmetals bond with other nonmetals covalently.

What is a carbon covalent bond?

Carbon forms covalent bond when it shared electrons with other atoms.

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