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Is carbonated water bad for you?


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No. It appears that it may aid in digestion amongst those suffering from digestive problems. Like all things, carbonated water should be enjoyed in moderation, but given its obviously calorie free properties, it would seem an excellent substitute for sugary soft drinks and acidic cola products.;jsessionid=GKDQLLpm8wkTsZPm8TD50NQgn1Kfs49Pg6jwhTQpmCL1rZ3vtyRR!1888299356!-949856144!8091!-1


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I drink a lot of carbonated water. I heard the "fizzy" in the carbonated waters can deplete bones. Are carbonated water drinks bad for you?

Carbonated water is not bad for your skin. If you are being health conscience, drinking plain water is always the best.

All acids, including carbonated water, are corrosive and hence bad for teeth. Teeth should be brushed relatively soon after consuming carbonated beverages. Intake of carbonated beverages has not been associated with increased bone fracture risk in observational studies, and the net effect of carbonated beverage constituents on the amount of calcium in the body is negligible, leaving carbonated water as harmless as regular water. You should watch out for the sugars and acids that are put into carbonated water when it relates to teeth.

Carbonated beverages, including carbonated water are not that great for you. These beverages seem to quench thirst, but actually lead to dehydration.

yes,drinking carbonated water will leech calcium from your bones, and causing osteoprosis

there is no sodium in carbonated water

Water is not carbonated, sparkling water is carbonated.

Carbonated water is simply water that has been carbonated under pressure; Cola is carbonated water with syrup containing the flavoring and color mixed in thoroughly.

Generally speaking, carbonated water is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water. Most carbonated water contains no additives (other than the carbon dioxide). However, some carbonated water contains additives. One of the more common additives to carbonated water is sodium chloride (table salt). Depending upon the amount of sodium in the carbonated water, and your body's sodium levels, the carbonated water could be more or less hydrating than the non-carbonated variety. The addition of the carbon dioxide has no effect on the hydrating power of the water.

It has 80% of carbonated water.

Carbonated water does not dehydrate you. Caffeine (found in alot carbonated soda drinks) dehydrates, but not carbonated water. On the other hand, drinking carbonated water can make the body feel more full, because it contains carbonic acid.

Carbonated water has carbon dioxide under pressure added to the water. Sparkling water may be naturally carbonated.

The gas in carbonated water - is Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Carbonated water has no glucose in it and therefore has no calories

Yes, carbonated water is a solution of carbon dioxide.

Carbonated water is a more refreshing drink.

i don't think they invented carbonated water i no that there is a place near France and there is a carbonated water spring its called Perrier search it.

When you boil carbonated water you release CO2

Soda is a mixture of special syrups and carbonated water. Soda "goes bad" when, in a nutshell, there is little to no carbonation left.

I guess yes because there is more particle movement in carbonated water. But it might be no because there are more compounds in carbonated water?

Yes, sprite is about 92% carbonated water

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