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No. It appears that it may aid in digestion amongst those suffering from digestive problems. Like all things, carbonated water should be enjoyed in moderation, but given its obviously calorie free properties, it would seem an excellent substitute for sugary soft drinks and acidic cola products.;jsessionid=GKDQLLpm8wkTsZPm8TD50NQgn1Kfs49Pg6jwhTQpmCL1rZ3vtyRR!1888299356!-949856144!8091!-1

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Q: Is carbonated water bad for you?
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Is carbonated drinks bad for you?

I drink a lot of carbonated water. I heard the "fizzy" in the carbonated waters can deplete bones. Are carbonated water drinks bad for you?

Is carbonated water bad to drink?


Is Carbonated water healthy for your skin?

Carbonated water is not bad for your skin. If you are being health conscience, drinking plain water is always the best.

Is carbonated water bad for teeth?

All acids, including carbonated water, are corrosive and hence bad for teeth. Teeth should be brushed relatively soon after consuming carbonated beverages. Intake of carbonated beverages has not been associated with increased bone fracture risk in observational studies, and the net effect of carbonated beverage constituents on the amount of calcium in the body is negligible, leaving carbonated water as harmless as regular water. You should watch out for the sugars and acids that are put into carbonated water when it relates to teeth.

Is carbonated water in excess bad for you?

Yes, the acid will damage your teeth.

Is sparkling water bad for you?

yes,drinking carbonated water will leech calcium from your bones, and causing osteoprosis

What percentage of carbonated water is in Pepsi?

83.5% is Carbonated Water

How much carbonated water does coke have?

95.78% carbonated water.

Is perrier carbonated water?

yes its carbonated spring water

How much carbonated water does sprite have?

92.31% carbonated water

How much sodium is in carbonated water?

there is no sodium in carbonated water

What is the difference between water and sparkling water?

Water is not carbonated, sparkling water is carbonated.

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