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CDP systems can convert all biodegradable and petrol based wastes into hydrocarbons. (such as coal, lubricants, second fraction distillates -diesel d2, kerosene- and gasoline)

But the system itself is quite complicated. First, the system heats the waste up and extracts the liquids (which made of hydrocarbons, suspended fine chars and water-soluble phenols and Polycyclic aromatics.) - And the secondary distillation towers remove those impurities in order to make a vehicle-ready diesel.

So those systems should be a little complex. An economically viable version is up to you -to understand the cycle and make a simplified version of those technology-

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Q: Is catalytic depolymerization technology converts all plastic waste plus biodegradeable material into synthetic diesel and from where we can get such commercial tiny economically viable cdp unit?
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