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Any kind of sea food including all fish types is halal (allowed) for Muslims to eat.

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Is the fat from meat halal or not?

It is halal if from halal meat.

Is jalapeno halal?

jalapeno is halal...

Is maoam halal-?

No, Maoam is not halal, it contains gelatin and is not Kosher or Halal.

how to Get Halal Certification in Jordan?

Halal certification in Jordan

Is KFC chicken halal?

It is halal. I saw the Halal cert in the shop.

Where you can found halal food?

you can find halal food from halal stores anywhere if the store says halal or if not ask the shopkeeper

Is dr pepper halal?

hi how are you i had a question is dr pepper and pepsi halal

What catfish can you eat?

bullheads, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and blue catfish.

Is bovine halal or haraam?

bovine is not halal because it is from Ox and Ox is not halal

Is villawood McDonald's halal?

no it is not halal i work at Villawood McD's and its certainly not halal.

Is vinegar halal?

yes, it is halal.

Is whey powder halal?

it is not halal

Is pepperoni halal?

Pepperoni is not halal...

Is corn syrup halal?

Yes if you get the halal one.I've never seen a haram one but halal food usually has halal written on it.

What is the biggest catfish?

The biggest catfish is the Mekong catfish

Is wheat gluten halal?

yes it is halal because its made of vegetables and vegetabels are halal

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