Is centipede an insert

Updated: 11/16/2022
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no , centipede is not an insert. it is chilopoda

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Q: Is centipede an insert
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What is a type of centipede?

a type of centipede giant centipede

What lies on the ground 100 feet tall Answer is- a sunbathing centipede?

A sunbathing centipede

Is a centipede an invertebrate worm?

No , a centipede is not a worm because a centipede has hard skin and a worm has soft skin, but a centipede is an invertebrate.

Why caterpillar is called a centipede?

It is not called a centipede

How did the Americans escape?

BECAUSE.... CENTIPEDE! swimming in the ocean CENTIPEDE! swimming in the sea CENTIPEDE! crawling through the forest CENTIPEDE! crawling through the wood CENTIPEDE! climbing up a mountain CENTIPEDE! climbing up a hill! oli you smell..... really bad

Why is a centipede an insect?

It is not called a centipede

What insect looks like a worm with lots of legs?

centipede or caterpillar

What is a centipede's ecosystem?

What type of ecosystem does a centipede live in

What is the moral lesson of the centipede?

Centipede evolves to a butterfly.

What is the collective noun for centipede?

what is centipede's collective noun

What is moral lesson of centipede?

Centipede evolves to a butterfly.

Which centipede is poisonous?

red centipedes