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Cervical cancer is malignant as they invade tissues and organs

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Q: Is cervical cancer benign or malignant?
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Related questions

Is cancer Benign or Malignant?

Cervical cancer is malignant as they invade tissues and organs

Can cancer be malignant or benign?

Cancer by definition is malignant. A tumour can be malignant or benign.

Are most skin cancers malignant or benign?

All skin cancers are malignant - that is what a cancer is, a malignant growth. There is no such thing as a "benign malignancy".

What is the worst malignant or benign cancer?

If you mean, "What is the worst : malignant or benign cancer?" the answer is Malignant. If a person has a tumor for instance, in the benign state it is virtually harmless, it means that the tumor would not be cancerous, but, when a tumor is malignant that means cancer has developed and is spreading to other parts/cells in the body.Hope that helps!

Is benign cancer?

No, benign means a non-cancerous growth. Malignant, means cancerous.

How do you tell malignant from benign cancer?

There is no way for an individual to tell the difference between a benign and malignant cancer. A biopsy will have to be taken by a doctor and then sent off to the lab to determine what it is and if it is cancerous.

What cancer is better to have malignant or benign?

Benign is always better to have if one is to chose a cancer. Benign cancers are not all that problematic because they do not have the ability to metastasize

What is the difference between Malignant cancer and benign cancer?

By definition CANCER is MALIGNANT - benign is NOT cancer, it is just a growth (tumor).There are three main characteristics typical of malignant (cancer) and benign (non-cancerous), for example:Malignant cancers are usually fast growing (as opposed to benign cancers which are usually slow growing);Malignant cancers invade the tissue, in fact the name cancer means "crab", because it invades the surrounding tissue and looks like a crab (benign cancers are usually encapsulated, therefore, do not invade the surrounding tissue);Malignant cancer cells are undifferentiated, which means that they regress back to simple cells and loose their main functions (benign cancer cells are usually well differentiated).There are exceptions. For example, kidney cancer may look benign because it's usually encapsulated, but it is actually malignant.

Is intracystic papillary breast tumor considered cancer?

if it is malignant, it is, benign, no.

Can benign breast mass be malignant?

If it's benign, it's not malignant. If it's malignant, it's not benign.

Is fibroadipose tissue in breast related to cancer?

It can be is fatty tissue...benign or malignant.

If a doctor says you have a tumor and its cancer does that mean malignant?

No, cancer can be malignant or benign. If a doctor had just told you that you had cancer, it is likely he or she will need to do further tests to see what kind of cancer it is exactly.

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