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Q: Is cetyl alcohol organic or inorganic?
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Is alcohol an organic or inorganic compound?

alcohol is organic

Rubbing alcohol inorganic or organic?

it is organic

Is IsoPropyl alcohol an organic or inorganic compound?

it is organic

Is ethyl organic or inorganic?

ethyl alcohol is organic

Is Ethyl alcohole inorganic or organic?

ethyl alcohol is organic

Cetyl alcohol water solubility?

Insoluble. The molecular formula of cetyl alcohol is

Is isopropyl organic or inorganic?

Organic, because the alcohol molecule includes carbon atoms.

Can you show me the organic structure of cetearyl alcohol and tell me what organic family it's in?

Cetearyl alcohol is actually a mixture of both stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol (refer to links below for structures). Both of these compounds would be considered "fatty alcohols" due to their long carbon chains. Fatty alcohols are in the aliphatic hydrocarbon family. To draw the structure of "cetearyl alcohol" you would actually have to draw the structure of cetyl alcohol and the structure of stearyl alcohol.

Is cetyl alcohol drying to hair if it's an alcohol?

No, it is a fatty alcohol.

Are living things inorganic or organic?

they are both organic and inorganic

What are the examples and uses of organic and inorganic compounds?

An example of an inorganic compound would be sodium chloride, also called table salt; this is commonly used in cooking and food preparation. An example of an organic compound would be isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol; this is commonly used as a first aid antiseptic.

What is the chemical formula of cetyl alcohol?