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Absolutely, if a person is not cheating nor seeing another person, there's nothing to lie about. But cheating on your spouse and he or she doesn't know you are betraying your partner that will be lying because your keeping secret.

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If you are lying about seeing someone else when you shouldn't be the it's cheating. If you are lying so you don't hurt someone's feelings or you're lying to protect yourself from something you did wrong it is not cheating.

lying means someone is deceiving you, cheating however is someone purposely betraying you.

It's called cheating... lying.

Yes cheating is considered a sin. Cheating on a test or to any other person is a sin because by cheating you are being dishonest. Being dishonest is just like lying. And lying is a sin.

I can tell you are lying to me.he is lying down in bed.

Cheating is wrong in so many ways # You are lying. Lying is wrong, even if you don't think you are hurting anybody. # Cheating on schoolwork means that you never learn how to do the things you will need to know once you get out of school. # Cheating on a partner will break their heart because you are lying plus you are dumping them for someone else. # Also when you cheat on a partner, you cannot expect them to be true to you since you are lying and cheating with them. # Cheating on a game might not be so bad as the other things, but you still never learn how to do the game yourself and you get into the habit of trying to cheat on other things

yes they do because they are lying cheating scumbags

stealing ,cheating ,lying , Etc.

cheating* Cheating is an act of dishonesty. Dishonesty makes one a liar. Lying is a sin (Revelation 21:8).

i wouldn't like the other person always lying or cheating on me

I would deal with it by finding another girlfriend!

stealing, lying, cheating,and unecessary violence etc.

Yes. It is also possible that he cheated with her.

Deceiving, deception, lying, dishonesty, defrauding...

Lying, cheating, stealing, and flirting with other people.

Ask her. If you can't tell she is lying, she isn't the one for you.

cheating, stealing, lying, homocide,gencide,suicide,murder,slavery....

It is TOTALLY relevant. It is like lying, and speaks to a person's basic honesty.

not honest. Deception, not being able to be trusted. Lying, cheating, etc.

Be happy and successful. Forget him. He doesn't deserve you.

Copying is cheating - cheating is stealing someone else's work and lying about it - so no, it's not allowed.

yes........ they are cheating us in the name of advertisement......... they are lying (i.e)cheating to sell their products........... almost, the society is believing their words and using some of the unhygienic products........ it leads to some diseases or inconvienent for the peoples

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