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Is cheese good for teeth?

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Why is cheese important in your diet?

cheese is important in our diet because it is good for your teeth as they are for your bones............

Why do you need to eat cheese?

Cheese is a good source of calcium, it's good for keeping the teeth hard and bone health

Which type of food is good for your teeth?

The type of food with provide calcium and phosphorus is good for teeth. For example cheese, chicken, nuts and milk keep your teeth healthy and strong.

What is the mineral in cheese that helps your teeth?

calcium is found in cheese and helps your teeth. it is a mineral.

How is processed cheese good for your body?

Well, typically any kind of cheese is good for your body because it contains calcium. Calcium is very good for your body because it makes your bones and teeth stronger.

Can cottage cheese whiten your teeth?

no it cant!

A creature with an enormous mouth and lon sharp teeth who lives at 16000 fot depths?

cheese cheese

Do snow leopards have sharp teeth?

Yes: Snow leopards have teeth that are sharper than a cheese knife!

Why do mice have such yellow teeth?

mice have yellow teeth because they eat a lot of cheese and they cant brush.

Why cheese and toast is good for you?

because cheese is good for your strength

Are cheese sandwitches good for you?

Is acheese sandwich good for you?A cheese sandwich is good for you because it has bread and cheese witch is dairy.

How do sharks lose their teeth?

they bite there prey an they fall of in it- cheese

What is good about cheese?

everything is good aobut cheese just TASTE IT

Is coconut oil good for your teeth?

Coconut oil good for your teeth is good for help especially teeth and gum.

What is the advantage of cheddar cheese?

yes. the protein in it makes it give you shinier teeth than other cheese

How good is chocolate for your teeth?

Chocolate is not at all good for your teeth.

Is Cream cheese bad or good?

cream cheese is good and very versatile.

What is something good about cheese?

Cheese is good because it delicious dairy sensation.

Where is a good place to buy cheese?

A cheese shop.

What are good sides to not banning whaling?

cheese cheese

What is a good hard cheese?

Parmesan cheese or gouda

Why does cheese taste good?

cuz its cheese man

What are the functions of cheese?

you eat the cheese and it tastes good

Is cheese a conductor?

No. Cheese would not be a good conductor.

What good does cheese do?

Cheese is a part of dairy, and adds a good amount of flavor to meals.