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Chewing Gum is good for dental health. It provides care for the upper and lower gums.

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Q: Is chewing gum good for your health?
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Why did they create chewing gum?

Chewing gum was invented to replace older "chewing gums" including mastiche and resin from trees. Chewing these things was meant to keep you in good oral health, but has since then evolved into an experience less about health and more about fun.

Why is chewing gum good for your health?

Beacause it keeps your teeth so bright and white :)

Where can you buy spry chewing gum?

You can buy Spry chewing gum at your local health food store, or go to to find out.

Is chewing gum good for singing?


What is Spidge?

Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum. Chewing Gum.

What are the good reasons for chewing chewing gum?

some chewing gum gives you healthier teeth for example orbit complete as i eat that.

Is It ok to give rats a LITTLE piece of chewing gum?

no, chewing gum is not good for a rat, the sugars in the gum can be harmful to their health, no to mention if it is swallowed b/c gum is made of saps it can "clog" a rats system and it will become unable to use the bathroom, which will kill it.

Is chewing gum good?

Yes. While chewing gum u also work out your jaw muscules.

What is a good experiment idea about chewing gum?

here's one that I like..... Can chewing gum really help you concentrate?

Does chewing gum help your dental health?

Only if it is SUGAR FREE.

Did anyone ever die from bubble gum?

People have choked on bubble gum, yes. ____ Chewing too much bubble gum is not good for health. Excessive consumption of any artificial sweetener can cause problems in the body. Otherwise limited chewing gum does not cause any problem.

What does chicle mean?

chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum chewing gum It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum. It is a sticky sap from a tree.Which is made for gum.

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