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Is chicken soup good for the flu?

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Yes ... but not in a specific way.

It turns out that chicken soup is highly nutricious and easy to digest,

whenever you are healing from almost anything, your body needs energy plus amino acids for rebuild - turns out chicken soup is great ... but not unique.

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Is chicken noodle soup a good cure for a flu?

Chicken noodle soup in and of itself does not actually cure anyone of the flu. However because it is served warm and because of its flavors, it does soothe the body and help the body get the rest that is required to fight the flu.

Where can I find a good chicken soup recipe?

You can find a good chicken soup recipe on the campbell soup recipe. They have real good soup recipes for making a good chicken soup. Progressive also have good recipes.

What bread goes good with chicken soup?

Cornbread goes good with chicken soup.

What is good to help flu?

A flu shot, tylonol, and soup

Can chicken noodle soup help the flu?

Another popular urban myth.

What is good to eat when you're sick?

Chicken & Rice soup Chicken & Noodle soup. Chicken broth. Creamed Broccholi soup. Hot Rice & Seaweed. Miso soup.

Is the canned chicken noodle soup not good for you?

Canned chicken noodle soup isn't necessarily not good for you, but it does have a lot of sodium contained in it.

What is a good side for chicken noodle soup?

A sandwich would go great with chicken noodle soup.

How long is homemade chicken and rice soup good for when refrigerated?

Chicken and rice soup should be good for 3 to 4 days refrigerated.

Why is chicken noodle soup good for you?

The nutrients from the vegetables and the protein from the chicken :)

What is a sentence with the word panacea in it?

Chicken soup is a panacea, people think it helps stop colds or the flu.

What is the difference between chicken and chicken soup?

chicken is the meat taken from a chicken chicken soup is chicken put into a soup

What is a soup chicken?

A Soup chicken is chicken in soup well int it obvious!! :)

What is the best food to eat when you have a cold?

If it is your throught gargol with salt water if you have the stomach flu, bread if you have the head/nose flu, eat lots of chicken soup

How can cold and flu be treated?

eat chicken noodle soup it really helps and hot tea with honey and lemon in it

What are the release dates for Upwave Eat - 2013 Flu Fighter Chicken Soup with Garlic and Star Anise 1-35?

Upwave Eat - 2013 Flu Fighter Chicken Soup with Garlic and Star Anise 1-35 was released on: USA: 16 October 2013

What can you add to canned chicken noodle soup?

About 1/2 can of mixed vegetables would be good to add to chicken noodle soup.

Is chicken noodle soup be used in place of chicken broth?

I would think chicken noodle soup would not be a good replacement for chicken broth, but it might depend upon the recipe.

Is chicken noodle soup good?

i personally like it...

Is chicken soup healthy?

* Chicken soup does contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are good for you. The only caution is that in some canned versions, the sodium level is quite high, so check that before eating canned chicken soup. * Yes, organic, homemade chicken soup is healthy.

What is chicken noodle soup?

Chicken Noodle soup is chicken broth ,with noodles and peices of Chicken in it!

Do Jews eat chicken soup?

Those Jews who like chicken soup eat chicken soup. Religiously observant Jews would require that the chicken soup be kosher.

Is basil good in a chicken soup?

no it will taste like spunk

What is a good recipe for frozen kohlrabi?

chicken noodle soup

Is chicken rice soup a good diet food?

Yes, chicken rice soup is good diet food. Soup in general is good for dieting because it has a high water content, and water helps fill you up without contributing calories to your diet.