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It depends on the judge's decree. * That would be determined by the amount of time between the birth of the child and the establishment of parentage and granting of the support order. Most US states have statutes of limitation relating to the time in which child support arrearages are applicable. In most cases the custodial parent will have to sue the obligated parent for any back child support that is recoverable it is rarely granted in the support order.

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How do you change a child's last name on the birth certificate if it has been established that the originally named male is not the biological father?

The biological father must agree to the accept parentage or parentage must be established through the court before the birth certificate can be amended.

Can a grandparent sign the birth certificate?

No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage.

What are a father's rights after a child is born?

If the couple are unmarried the birth mother is presumed to have full custodial rights to the child.. The assumed father is not automatically granted any rights to a child until paternity is established either by the signing of the birth certificate or affidavit of parentage or a paternity test. When parentage has been established the biological father can file a writ of habeas corpus for custoday or a petition for visitation rights; likewise the primary custodial parent can then petition for child support.

Can the father of a child be sued for half of the medical bills for a child he did not want?

Yes, he is the father of your daughteY whether he wanted to be or not. * If the issue pertains to the birth of the child, then no, such costs are not recoverable by the mother or any other party. A man cannot be held legally responsible for any financial matters relating to a child that is not born to a married couple until parentage of that child has been established. This includes child support, medical issues and all other financial matters as well as custodial and visitation issues.

Can child support be filed if fathers name is not on birth certificate?

The name on the birth certificate is not as important as actual parentage. a DNA test will supercede whatever's on the BC. Therefore, if you're talking about the actual genetic father, Child Support can be invoked by the court.

If the Father signs the birth certificate in an out of wedlock birth is the baby legitimate?

If what is meant by the term "legitimate" pertains to whether the father is responsible for supporting the child, then the answer would be yes. Once paternity has been established either by the signing of the birth certificate, a declaration of parentage or by DNA testing the father can be held responsible for support of the child and likewise he is entitled to petition for custodial or visitation rights.

Does a man have to pay child support if hes not on the birth certifacate?

Yes, if/when paternity is established.

How can a birth certificate help you chart a family tree?

It displays parentage.

If the father does not sign the birth certificate does he still have legal rights to the child?

Only if you can prove birth through DNA testing. * Yes if the couple are married the husband is assumed to be the father and has custodial rights to a child until proven otherwise. If the couple are not married the mother retains sole custody to the child until parentage is proven through paternity testing (blood test or DNA). Once parentage has been established the court will allow the filing of custody and/or visitation and/or child support petitions to be filed.

Can you sue your child's father for child support if his name is not on the birth certificate?

Yes. Paternity must be established before support is ordered.

Can you get child support if the father's name is not on the birth certificate?

Yes, but paternity must be established first.

If the birth father signs the birth certificate will he be forced to pay child support from previous children?

Only if his paternity of the previous children is established.

Would your child's father who is not on the birth certificate have pay child support if he is in CA?

Yes, if/when paternity is established.

What rights does the father have if his name is not on the birth certificate in the state of Kansas?

The really long answer short on this is: the exact same rights as if he were on the birth certificate. However, since his rights have not been legally established, he will have to go to court to establish and enforce them. He may do thing through signing an acknowledgment of paternity, or by establishing his parentage through court ordered/recognized genetic testing. Once he is established as the legal father, he can use family court to establish a schedule of visitation or custody. He will often be required to pay support as well. Hope this helps. K

Can a mother in Florida leave the state if she has never been married to the babies father and has not put him in the court system?

If parentage his been established, either by the father's name appearing on the birth certificate or established after the fact in a court of law, you should obtain the father's permission before leaving the state or it could come back to bite you if the father initiates a legal action against you based on the same. If parentage has never been established, you might be able to get away with it up and until the time the father decides to exercise his rights and establish himself legally as the child's parent.

Can an unmarried father be on a child's birth certificate and still not have custody?

Yes. Parentage and custody are different things.

What are synonyms for birth?

delivery, nativity, parturition, stock, blood, background, breeding, pedigree, lineage, parentage

Can you request a paternity test 4 years after child was born?

Yes, but if the alledged father signed the birth certificate or a declaration of parentage in many US states the results of a test to establish parentage may not be enough to relieve that person of their financial responsibility. This would be especially true if the man has been living with the mother and child or paying support for the child.

If you are married to an inmate and got pregnant by another man who signs the birth certificate?

the father of the child signs a recognition of parentage and goes on the birth certificate some states may require a paternity release but as as incarnated individual he will be forced to sign if necessary easily established if no conical visits took place.

Do you have to pay child support if you didnt sign the birth form?

If paternity has been established the biological mother or person who has legal custody of the minor child can petition the court for child support from the father. The matter of not signing the birth certificate is irrelevant.

If a parents name isn't on a birth certificate how will she claim csa?

By establishing parentage, probably through DNA testing.

Does the father have any rights if he does not sign the birth certificate and has not had anything to do with his child for 8 years since the birth?

If and when paternity is established, the father might have the rights to pay support and visit the child.

Can the mother change the childs name and have her new husband adopt the child without the real fathers consent?

That depends on where you live and whether you parental rights have been terminated. In the United States, parentage would first have to be established either by being listed as the father on the birth certificate. DNA testing or voluntary admission on record with the court. When that happens, adoption cannot occur unless both parents consent. If your parentage has never been legally established, or your parental rights were terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily, yes, she can do it.

What is the fathers rights to child if he is not on the birth certificate and has established a relationship with the child?

The right to petition for custody or visitation and the right to pay support. [Paternity must be established before any discussion of rights or responsibilities.]

Does birth mother have sole custody if birth father is paying child support?

An unmarried mother has sole custody in most jurisdictions until the father's paternity is legally established. It is assumed the father's paternity was established in your case if he is paying child support. You need to check all the documents associated with your particular court case to determine if a custody order was issued at that same time.Child support and visitation rights are two separate issues and they are addressed separately. The father's paternity must be legally established in court if the parents are unmarried and the mother seeks child support. Once paternity has been established, the court will issue a child support order based on state child support guidelines. In addition, once paternity has been established the father has the right to petition for custody and a visitation schedule.If the father fails to pay his child support he is still entitled to visitations. In that case, the mother would need to pursue the child support arrears by filing a motion for contempt of the child support order.