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Is chromium a compound?


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No. Chromium is an element but always found in a compound form. There are several chromium compounds.


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chromium is an element that is found on the period table. Chromium can be added with another element or a compound of elements to create a compound, but chromium by it self is an element.

Cr3Si2 is the empirical formula for a compound containing chromium and silicon an has 73.52 mass percent chromium.

Chromium metal is an element, not a compound or mixture.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

Chromium actually does play some biological roles so no. Also it is an element, not a compound.

Three chromium bromides are known: * chromium dibromide, CrBr2 * chromium tribromide, CrBr3 * chromium tetrabromide, CrBr4

This compound is Chromium(II) Chloride.

The obtained compound is chromium tribromide, CrBr3.

Chromium II oxide (or chromium monoxide).

The compound is Chromium(III) Oxide. Chromium is 3+, since the compound has to have a charge equal to 0. Since there is 2 chromium atoms each chromium atom must have a charge of 3+ to balance out the 3(2-) charges of each oxygen atom; 2x+3(-2)=0, transpose for x(chromium), (in case you need the working out).

Chromium (III) Chloride

Cr2O3 is, Chromium (III) oxide or simply Chromium oxide.

CrP is chromium phosphide or chromium(III) phosphide

The compound name for CrCN2 is chromium (II) cyanide.

Chromium(II) nitrate: Cr(NO3)2Chromium(III) nitrate: Cr(NO3)3

Chromium(II) Nitride cross multiply Cr_3N_2 so that the compound is balanced. 2Cr_3 3N_2 so that there are 6 charges each. the two gets pushed after the chromium to get Chromium(II) Nitride

Assuming the 3 oxidation state of chromium.CrCl3====

Chromium (II) Fluoride

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