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chromium is an element that is found on the period table. Chromium can be added with another element or a compound of elements to create a compound, but chromium by it self is an element.


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No. Chromium is an element but always found in a compound form. There are several chromium compounds.

Chromium is an element. It is a d block metal element. It makes colourful cations.

Chromium metal is an element, not a compound or mixture.

Chromium actually does play some biological roles so no. Also it is an element, not a compound.

Chromium Phosphide... Cr is the element Chromium and P is the element Phosphorus (It's a binary ionic compound -2 elements- so the second element ends in -ide)

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is not ferrous.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium is just that - chromium. It is a metallic element.

No, iron is an element. Chrmium is also an element, so there are no other substances, compounds or otherwise, that are found in it. However, there are alloys that contain both iron and chromium along with other metals.

Chromium is a 3d element. and cobolt also a 3d element.

Chromium is a metal element. Atomic number of it is 24.

Not minerals but: * Copper iodide, CuI, an inorganic chemical compound, a salt * Chromium, Cr, a natural chemical element, a transition metal

Cr3Si2 is the empirical formula for a compound containing chromium and silicon an has 73.52 mass percent chromium.

Chromium is a 3d element. we use chromium for make stainless steel.

Chromium is a useful element. It shows +2 in this compound.

Chromium is a member of the periodic table. It is an element. A lump of chromium is made up of atoms of chromium.

No, it is not. It is a transition element

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