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Is ciara an ambisexual?

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I think she is. I don't really know because my cousin told me until today which was shockind to me because i like her music

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What is an ambisexual?

An ambisexual is a person who is either bisexual or of ambiguous sexual orientation.

What is a person who likes both male and female called?

Bisexual or ambisexual--

What does the name Ciara come from?

Ciara comes from a singer and her name is Ciara.

Does Ciara have a girlfriend?

Ciara is straight.

How do you spell ciara in Spanish?


Is ciara 3months pregnant?

No ciara is not.

What name rhymes with ciara?

Kiara rhymes with Ciara. Also Tiara rhymes with Ciara.

Who did ciara fight?

did ciara fight rihanna

What ciara Twitter?

Is ciara alive?

Yes, Ciara is alive.

Is Ciara Haitian?

Ciara is American, yes.

What race is Ciara?

Ciara is African American

How tall is the singer Ciara?

Ciara is 5'9 .

What is ciara Facebook?

ciara bravo dah

Does ciara have kidz?

No, Ciara doesn't have children.

How do you ssay ciara in hawaiian?

Ciara = Kiala

What colors is ciara?

ciara is a brown color

Do 50 go out with ciara?

yes,ciara is going out with 50 yes,ciara is going out with 50

Ciara vs Rihanna in a fight?

rihanna maybe or maybe ciara well ciara sorry

Is there a Saint called Ciara?

Ciara is Italian for Clare. Yes, there is a saint named Clare or Ciara.

What is the birth name of Ciara Newell?

Ciara Newell's birth name is Ciara Annette Newell.

What is the birth name of Ciara Bravo?

Ciara Bravo's birth name is Ciara Quinn Bravo.

Is Ciara still a virgin?

CiaraActually, Ciara lost her virginity when she was 18 and it wasn't by Bow Wow!

How rich is ciara?

Ciara is now worth 25.8 million .Ciara makes 19,510 per month.

In the song diva is Beyonce really ciara?

no beyonce and ciara do not look alike and ciara dance diffrent

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