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Is ciara having a baby by bowwow?


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2011-09-13 01:31:21
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No that's a lie ciara does not have children and will not want children right now and fyi that was not ciara she would never say that to her fans crazy think.

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yes ciara is haveing baby by bowwow

NOOO ,, BoWWoW was Ciara's bf !

bowwow is in fact a baby!

Yes,they are going out. They started going out after 50 cent and Ciara brokeup.

No. He still likes Ciara

bowwow go out with Jojo and CIARA

i do not no but thay shud somebody aske ciara i do not no but thay should somebody ask

yes bow wow and ciara has been kissing for a month they shared their love

Bowwow is not gay at all hes dated plenty of beautiful woman including RV rus daughter an ciara

They did break up because ciara cheated on him first and then bowwow went behind her back and cheated on her after she cheated on him

no bowwow did not do that but people be lieing on him

They made the song I Like in 2007..

No she did not. Ciara never had a baby.

bowwow had went to this striper club while ciara was doing her concert.while at the striper club this girl was naked all she had on was a thong and she was on top of bowwow just humpin him in the back of the room with his face in between her breast shaking .then ciara called him on his cell phone and he sent her to voice mail.while she was listening to see if he would pick up after that tone she heard what was going on.(the sounds that they were makin)

he was with a stripper. isn't that sad. a sripper that is sad and im saying it right now.

probably because he thought ciara was a man that what been going on but i do not think it is true i think they just needed a break off each other


No, Ciara doesn't have any children at the moment.

He's Had a couple ex so r u talking about Ciara OR Angela Simmons

23 my baby is 23 taha clearli


No but he does have a few month old baby girl born in April 2012 named Shai with ex girlfriend Joie Chavis

Who knows its really none of our buisness what he does outside entertaining his fans Omarion is currently talking to R&B singer Ciara. They dated once before after she broke up with Bow Wow but then split up. But Ciara even said "we might get it up to relationship status. We'll see." ciara is not dating omarion and she is not getting back w/ bowwow so she need to move on w/ her life get over it. omarion needs to do better he can go out w/ Lauren London but i heard that she is having lil Wayne baby!!!!!!!!

i believe the answer is NO BECUASE ciara went out with bowwow and he is related to Tiffany evans so that would make no since at all and question is answered

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