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Is clicker training the best way to train a horse?

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maybe. maybe not. what you prefer. what you are comfortable with. some people do. some don't.

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How do you train a dog for a fun dog show with contests such as 'Waggiest Tail' Best Groomed and Best JuniorSenior Handler?

The best general approach to dog training is called positive training, and one good technique in the realm of positive training is clicker training. You can check out books about positive training/clicker training from almost any library, or buy them at a bookstore or online.

How do you train for better horse dressage?

Just train your horse in dressage. You can improve your Howrse's dressage through dressage training, competitions (all increase dressage), and through lessons if your horse has dressage as one of his best 2 skills.

What is the best auto clicker?

There aren't ''best auto clicker'' The most common auto clicker it comes with auto talker on link below

Are horses difficult to train?

That depends on the horse. If your horse knows you, loves you and will follow you through fire, the horse will be easy to train. However, if the horse does NOT know you, and you do not spend time with the horse and give it the love it needs, it will be very difficult to train that horse. I know that sometimes, you will get a horse that was once abused, but you will have to gain his/her trust back before it will let you ride it. Love is the best training method when it comes to animals. (horses, dogs, etc.)

How is the best way to train a horse?

Don't train your horse, gentle your horse. It may not be quick, but it is the sure way. You want a horse trained properly and well? Gentle him, don't train. Take it easy, step by step, horsemanship.

What kind of training will help colts grow into gentle dependable horses?

Foals can be trained in many ways and come out as safe dependable horses so long as the human handler is kind and patient. I like some forms of natural horsemanship and equine clicker training best. But you should use what method works best for each individual horse.

How do you train a dog from barking at a horse?

Dogs that bark at big animals are probably scared of them so training it out of them is all about building their confidence. Positive reinforcement is probably the best course of action. For this a clicker and treats or a toy are needed depending on what the dog prefers.To set the dog for success make it easy for them at first. Keep the horse at a distance so the dog doesn't feel the need to react and defend itself. Praise and reward them (by using the clicker and giving them a treat or playing with the toy) if they stay calm and focus on you rather than the horse. As the dog gains confidence you can move gradually closer. If you move too fast and the dog reacts go back to training further from the horse.It may take a lot of patience but eventually the dog will see horses as no big deal and won't react by barking anymore.

Where is the best WWE training school?

most of them train in America but some train in different places

What is the best weapon to train strength in runescape?

The best weapon for training strength is the saradomin sword

What is the best city for MMA training?

las Vegas and los angeles are the best cities to train

What is currently the best breed on Howrse?

There doesn't seem to be a 'Best' breed of horse, it just doesn't exist, a horse is a horse, you cant get a best horse, unless you train and give it lessons to the max, just pick a good horse you like, I suggest. :)

What breed is the best eventing on Howrse?

It depends on the training of the horse and what event.

What the best spot to train?

This depends soley upon what type of training you want to do.

What is the best way to train Pokemon on Heartgold?

It's pretty obvious... EV train (I suggest EV Training in Defense)...

Is there any flaws in crate training?

Crate training is often the best way to train a dog. I do not see ant flaws in it.

Is it best to buy or loan a horse?

Buy so you can always have the horse that you might like... And train it better than it was before..

What is the best way to train your puppy?

For all dog training of any age. I highly recommend positive reinforcement and clicker training. Look those up on youtube, at it will show tutorials. Animals that are used in the movie industry all are trained by P.R, Clickers and treats. Please do not look on T.V for how to train dogs as most are just trying to make money. Look for some positive trainers with experience in your area and try to take part in some classes they offer.

What is the best horse to start with on Howrse?

There really isn`t the Best horse. my advice ponies are faster to train

Can a cross country horse cross over to show jumping?

Yes they can. It's all in the training and what the horse likes to do best really.

Do you have to go to college to become a horse trainer?

No, it is best to learn from other people in your community and develop your own way of training no ones way is the same it depends on what you are training your horses to do and how you think of a horse.

How can you be a wrestling superstar?

By training hard and doing your best you might have to go to a wrestling Academy and train there

How are horses tamed?

It is best to read a book on the subject before you attempt to tame a horse. Please don't attemt to train a horse without reading up on the subject first. Poor training in the begining of a horse's life can ruin it. A quick google search can give you the info you need.

How do you win Howrse competitions?

train your horse and get bonuses for him/her...horses with good gp are best =D

Does hard soil tire out the joints of horses? is best for a horse to train in mixed soil

What age should you start training a bird dog to fetch?

i think it is the age of 4 months to start training but not guarding training you will find how to train and the best time for training in this blog