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Is cloning good?

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October 29, 2010 5:51AM

Cloning is good for many reasons. 1. Cloning may cure many diseases such as cancer. 2. Cloning may help people survive injuries, get better faster, recover faster and better. 3. Cloning help stop world hunger by cloning food and see if we can make enough food for the world. 4. Cloning may help us make wood without wasting it because, cloning can help us make more trees. 5. Cloning could help endangered animals and even extinct animals come back to life just with the DNA.

The issue with cloning is mainly Roman Catholics who are worried about human cloning, because, it might not be moral.

The reasons are 1. Cloning might make babies and might promote Homosexuality because, cloning makes babies.

2. Cloning might help stop world hunger, and nobody will want help in might not believe in Jesus or God because, science is providing wants and needs.

3. Cloning might cure diseases such as AIDS, and people won't want help in Christ. Roman Catholics fear this might start Homosexuality, might start Polygamy, might start Bi-sexuality, might start incest, and fear it could even start bestiality.

4. Cloning might start evolution and might start Atheism.

5. Cloning might get endangered and extinct animals come back to life with DNA and people might not believe in Christ and God and it might be considered necromancy be the Roman Catholic Church.