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no not at all, you will be at the risk of getting banned. If you don't want to get banned then go only to empty servers.

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Is there a safe club penguin money maker?

go on

Is club penguin money maker safe?

yes it is i use it its class

Is club penguin window money maker safe?

If i were you i wouldn't do that. you can get banned. i did!!!!

Is club penguin monay maker safe t download?

its not about safe or not because it dosent work any more.

How do you get open chat on Club Penguin?

You have to make a parent account for your penguin in the manage accounts area in the membership area of Club Penguin, and then change the account settings to Standard Safe Chat.

Is Club Penguin a good website?

AnswerYes, Club Penguin is ace!In my opinion, yes. Club Penguin is a safe chat website for kids. Even though I am older (15), I like it.It is much better with membership, but still provides amusement.

Downloud cp cheat traner club penguin?

yes they are safe and work microchip123 is a great trainer maker

Safe money maker for club penguin?

Yes there is it is on you get up to 5000 coins at a time and click on it as much as you want

Is prizerebel safe to use?

PrizeRebel is safe to use. It does not give your computer any viruses and it works. My sister got a 1 month Club Penguin membership from it.

Why is Club Penguin safe?

Club Penguin Is very safe because there are mod's and computers that filter and make sure there are no bad words. I hope you feel the same way that i do about how club penguin is safe.

How do you really get 10000 coins in Club Penguin?

To get 10,000 coins in Club Penguin for your penguin, play the minigames that are all around the island. Now, we have Money Maker. It can earn you 100,000 coins at one time in one use. It is really simple and easy- it's free and no viruses! If you would like to be safe, if you have Norton, use Norton search for "Money Maker", then you are positive that it is safe!

Is Club Penguin windows money maker safe?

I don't exactly know for your computer, but your account, yes. it's a hack program

What does Club Penguin have?

Club Penguin is a social networking site that is very safe for children. Children create their penguins without their real or nickname, and waddle in the club penguin island. You can play games, make online buddies, buy clothes for your penguin, adopt puffles, earn stamps (of activities) for your penguin, and LOADS more. When you buy a membership, you can enjoy even more of club penguin.

What is a club penguin gm and what does it stand for?

I'm pretty sure it stands for group membership which means you bought a membership to buy clothes and things of that nature.. I mean it's just common sense. Club penguin is a safe site for kids of all ages so it is pretty predictable.

Is cppsme club penguin safe for your chiled?

this is very safe for children.they recently did some collection for charity too. to maximize fun during there game experence, you can pay for membership. club penguin is supported by disney, and there is a policy for cyberbullying. just report the bully and they will be kicked out or suspended.

Are Club Penguins safe?

Yes Club Penguin is completely safe!

How do you safe the penguin on avalanche rescue in Club Penguin?

I don't remember but check out some club penguin cheat sites

Are Club Penguin trainers safe?

Hi There,Club Penguin Trainers Are Safe! Aslong as you dont use the ones which have not been made in VB6.

Cheat to get coins on Club Penguin?

go to and click on money maker. Do what it says and u will get money. Its safe and i know because i do it all the time

Is club penguin a safe game for your kids?

Yes club penguin is a very safe game for kids there is safe chat on there so you can put that on and if it is not on safe chat penguins do not say rude things

Is blizzard for club penguin safe?


Is Club Penguin tranier safe?


How do you get the speaking bar in club penguin?

Your penguin has to be in "safe chat" mode, not "ultimate safe chat" mode.

What is the combenation for the safe in Club Penguin?

Club Penguin change the safe code in the mission all the time so knowone cheats on it, you have to figger it out for yourself.

What is a safe and free chat avatar club for kids?

Club Penguin

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