Is club pony pals free?

Club Pony Pals is a "Freemium" site, which means that you can play the entire game and buy almost everything in the game without paying any real money.

Premium membership is paid for with game money called Wiggins Bucks, which can be either earned in the game or paid for with real money. It comes in the form of a pony from Olson's pony farm, where you can trade in your current pony for a new one and/or buy a second or third pony. A "board bill" must be paid for each pony from Olsons. The cost is 300 Wiggins Bucks per month per pony from Olsons.

You do not have to pay board on the pony you started the game with, but if you trade your original pony in for a new one, you will have to pay board for that pony.