Is coal environmentally friendly

Updated: 9/15/2023
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No coal is not really environmentally friendly . There are a lot more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to coal.

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Q: Is coal environmentally friendly
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Is coal environmentally friendly or not?

No, coal is not environmentally friendly. Gathering it requires mining with machinery and burning coal produces many pollutants. Eventually, coal will run out. Solar energy is a good alternative since it is free and will not run out.

How is helicopters environmentally friendly?

How are they not environmentally friendly

Are electric cars environmental?

To some extent yes they are environmentally friendly. However the electricity that is used to power the car has to come from somewhere. In some cases it is produced by coal or gas fired power plants which are not environmentally friendly.

Are diamonds environmentally friendly?

No mining operation is environmentally friendly.

Is wind environmentally friendly?

Yes, wind power is environmentally friendly.

Why is tesco environmentally friendly?

it is not environmentally friendly thirs nothing friendly about tesco thy lie

Are featherbed environmentally friendly?

They are environmentally friendly because its only feathers and cloth.

Is wind power environmentally friendly?

Yes, wind power is environmentally friendly.

Are subzero refrigerators environmentally friendly?

You are able to purchase some subzero refrigerators that are environmentally friendly. There is a lot of information on the internet about the brands that are environmentally friendly.

Are passat cars environmentally friendly?

The VW Passat car is voted one of the most environmentally friendly car of the year. The car runs on an environmentally friendly gas (Methane). It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly European car.

Is jelutong environmentally friendly?

Yes, Jeluntong is quite environmentally friendly in several key ways. Ignoring the fact that Jeluntong was nearly hunted to extinction during the Boer War by Indo-Pacific lumberjacks and commercially available chainsaws. It is environmentally friendly with its use of renewable energt sources, such as solar power, the use of solar power stops oil and coal countries from getting rich.

Which is environmentally friendly softwood or hardwood?

Seeing as they are both trees, I would imagine they are equally 'environmentally' friendly.