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Radiata pine is a fast growing plantation tree. If it is managed well it can be a good renewable source of timber and environmentally friendly.

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Q: Is the radiata pine environmentally friendly?
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How is pine environmentally friendly?

cleans the air and relieves it of carbon dioxide and monoxide--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pine is environmentally friendly since it is compost and has a big impact in maintaining favorable conditions for its growth.

Is radiata pine a strong wood?

Radiata pine is a very strong wood maybe the strongest wood.

What is the texture in radiata pine?

The texture of radiata pine is fine but uneven. 2011/04/11

Why is Radiata Pine considered a renewable resource?

Radiata Pine, a variety of pine tree, is renewable in the sense that you can grow more of them.

What does radiata pine mean?

Pinus radiata is commonly known as the Monteray pine. Radiata simply means spreading from or arranged around a common centre.

What country does radiata pine come from?

Pinus radiata is known as the Monterey Pine it is a native of California.

Where is radiata pine grown?

Radiata pine is a type of softwood. it is grown in: -Australia -Chile -new Zeeland -united states

What color is radiata pine?

it is black like timothy samuels massive black dick

Is a pine tree a hardwood or softwood?

Softwood.In Australia radiata pine (Pinus radiata, or Monterey pine in its native California) is a popular plantation softwood tree.

Does a radiata pine tree loose its leaves in autumn?

Pinus radiata the Monterey Pine is evergreen so if it is losing its needles completely you have a problem.

How is helicopters environmentally friendly?

How are they not environmentally friendly

Is radiata pine real or fake?

its fake