Is cod fish has scales

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There are several/many species of fish that are called "Cod". They all have scales as far as I know.

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Q: Is cod fish has scales
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Does ling cod fish have scales?

No. They have skin.

Does the cod fish have fins and scales?

they have fins but no scales, only skin.

Does black Cod fish have scales?

Black codfish do have scales, which are generally very small. Possibly due to the size and color of the scales, it may seem that the black cod does not have scales.

Is cod kosher?

Cod was a generic name for various kinds of fish (including hake and the haddock) and can refer to different fish in different parts of the world. In those parts of the world where cod refers to fish with scales, then cod will be Kosher. All Kosher fish need fins and scales.

Does pollock fish have fins and scales?

Yes they do. They are in the cod family.

Does cod have scales?

Yes, cod have scales. They have cycloid scales which have a smooth outer edge, making them more difficult to spot.

Is every fish a cod fish?

No, it is not, a cod fish is a type of fish.

Do Black Cod have scales?


Do fish have scales?

Yes fish have scales.

What is a Cod?

A cod is a fish.

5 examples of a fish?

Clown Fish Gold Fish Shark Cod Tuna salmon

Does a mahi mahi fish have scales?

That's a good question. Not all fish have scales. Swordfish, catfish, cod, mackerel, whiting, sturgeons, sharks and eels are just a few examples of fish without scales. The mahi-mahi fish does have scales, and is a clean fish, suitable for human consumption, according to the bible. Leviticus 11:9 states: "Of all the creatures living in the water of the seas and the streams, you may eat any that have fins and scales". Mahi-mahi meets the criteria of having both fins and scales.

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