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Q: Does the Rock Cod have both fins and scales?
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Does the cod fish have fins and scales?

they have fins but no scales, only skin.

Do ling have fins and scales?

Yes, they are a species of cod.

Does pollock fish have fins and scales?

Yes they do. They are in the cod family.

Can you eat red rock cod?

Rock cod (scorpionfish) have poisonous spines in their dorsal fins, but their flesh makes good eating.

Is cod kosher?

Cod was a generic name for various kinds of fish (including hake and the haddock) and can refer to different fish in different parts of the world. In those parts of the world where cod refers to fish with scales, then cod will be Kosher. All Kosher fish need fins and scales.

Does a mahi mahi fish have scales?

That's a good question. Not all fish have scales. Swordfish, catfish, cod, mackerel, whiting, sturgeons, sharks and eels are just a few examples of fish without scales. The mahi-mahi fish does have scales, and is a clean fish, suitable for human consumption, according to the bible. Leviticus 11:9 states: "Of all the creatures living in the water of the seas and the streams, you may eat any that have fins and scales". Mahi-mahi meets the criteria of having both fins and scales.

Does cod have scales?

Yes, cod have scales. They have cycloid scales which have a smooth outer edge, making them more difficult to spot.

Do cod fish have fins?

yes they do

Does black Cod fish have scales?

Black codfish do have scales, which are generally very small. Possibly due to the size and color of the scales, it may seem that the black cod does not have scales.

Is cod fish has scales?

There are several/many species of fish that are called "Cod". They all have scales as far as I know.

Do Black Cod have scales?


Does ling cod fish have scales?

No. They have skin.

Can Jews eat cod and chips and peas?

The problem with the word "cod" is that it refers to more than one kind of fish, some of which are kosher types and some that aren't. Those "cods" that have fins and scales (when alive) are the kosher kinds. Those kinds that didn't have fins or scales aren't kosher kinds (Deuteronomy ch.14). To be kosher, the fish would have to be a kosher type of fish; and the ingredients (fish, chips, peas) would have to be cooked in kosher pots and pans.

Is cod halal?

In Sunni (except the Hanafi school) and Ibadi Jurisprudence, all sea-life is halal, so cod-fish is permissible to consume. In Shiite Jurisprudence and the Sunni Hanafi school, all fishes that are kosher according to Jewish strcitures are halal. Since cod has fins and scales as Judaism defines them, cod is kosher and this makes it halal in Shiite Islam.

Do cod fish have tail fins?

There are several species of fish that are commonly called "cod". They all have a caudal (tail) fin.

What are some characteristics of an Atlantic Cod fish?

The Atlantic Cod fish are usually greenish brown or gray on their sides and back with a white belly. Atlantic Cods have barbels similar to catfish and have three dorsal fins and two anal fins. The Atlantic cod is mainly found in shallow waters, close to the ocean's bottom. Cod feed on fish and invertebrates, like urchins, and shrimp.

Do lingcod eat rock cod?

Yes. Start reeling in a rock cod off the Queen Charlottes and you may loose it to a ling.

Does haddock have scales?

Ye haddock does have scales. It is very similar to a cod although haddock is smaller , as is the mouth, not reaching as far back as the cods mouth.

What is a rockfish's scientific name?

Rock cod

What are the adaptations of a cod?

1. Gills to breathe under water 2. Streamlined body to swim through water easily 3. Fins and tail to enablke them to swim in water 4. Delicious meat for us to eat 5. Scales reduce friction in water (I THINK)

What is the name of the rock where the pilgrims landed?

Cape Cod wrong Plymouth Rock

What is the proper noun in this sentence Plymouth rock is on the shore at the edge of cape cod bay?

Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod Bay are the Proper nouns in this sentence.

Where in Cape Cod did the Pilgrims land?

Plymouth Rock

Are red rock Cod poisonous?

im cool

What is healthier cod or salmon?

Both salmon and cod are about the same regarding their benefits to a healthier you.