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Is commander Cody higher in rank than captain rex?

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Well, it depends on the branch really unless if you are doing a cross branch paygrade comparison. You see in the US Armed Forces all ranks are paired up with a pay grade. For example. A USMC Private First Class would hold a pay grade of E2, while an AF Airman would also hold a pay grade of E2. This pay grades goes from E1 to E9 regardless of branch. This also applies to officers, however it goes from O1 to O10.

The rank Commander is native to the Navy. It holds a pay grade of O5. However regarding the rank of Captain, it depends on the branch. In the Navy the pay grade of a Captain is O6 higher than that of a Commander, however when applied to the Army, AF, or USMC a Captain is merely an O3 which is significantly lower than the Naval equivalent.

Bottom line: It depends on what branch the Captain is in.

In whole true thing Cody is higher coz his a commander Star Wars ranks go Captain (I think marshall next) Then its Commander Commander is high. :D

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Who has the higher rank Commander Cody or Captain Rex?

commander Cody has the higher rank because if u look up the clone ranking system you can find the order. private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain then commander

Who has higher rank commander Cody or commander fox?

commander Cody and commander fox are both in the same rank (commander) but commander Cody is a clone marshal commander, commander fox is not.

Who has a higher rank commander Cody or commander bly?

They both have the same rank. BUT commander BLY has more experience because commander Cody didnt participate in the first battle of geonosis and bluy did

Is a naval commander higher in rank than a airforce captain?

A Naval Commander is equivalent to the air force captain

Who has a higher rank Commander Cody or Captain Rex in Star Wars?

in the clone ranking system , commander is higher because capatains lead companies of 144 men and commanders lead battalions of 576 men.

What is the difference between commander and captain?

A naval commander is lower rank than a naval captain, but higher than an army captain

Which one is better captain rex or commander Cody?

commander cody because he's got more skill better rank thats why hes commander and if u have seen him he very strong even without a blaster captain rex is strong without a blaster but not as good as cody

What is the naval rank below captain?

the naval rank below captain is Commander

Is Admiral higher or lower than Captain?

The rank of Admiral is higher than the rank of Captain.

Is a commander higher rank than captain?

A Navy or Coast Guard Captain outranks a Navy or Coast Guard Commander... however, a Navy Commander outranks and Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain. Captain in those three branches is O3 - the Navy/Coast Guard equivalent is Lieutenant. In the Navy and Coast Guard, Captain is O6 - the equivalent rank in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps is Colonel.

Which is a higher rank commander or major?

A Navy Commander has a higher military rank (O-5), than an Army Major (O-4).

Is a captain a higher rank than commander?

This all depends on which branch of the military you are talking about. In the Army, Air Force, & Marines the term "Captain" is typically interchangeable with the term "Commander." A Captain typically commands a company-sized element. Of course, there are also Battalion, Brigade, and Division Commanders as well who are much higher in rank than Captain. Army/A.F./Marines Navy Rank/Grade: Rank/Grade: 2LT/O1 = 2nd Lieutenant ENS/O1 = Ensign 1LT/O2 = 1st Lieutenant LTJG/O2 = Lieutenant Junior Grade CPT/O3 = Captain LT/O3 = Lieutenant MAJ/O4 = Major LCDR/O4 = Lieutenant Commander LTC/O5 = Lieutenant Colonel CDR/O5 = Commander COL/O6 = Colonel CAPT/O6 = Captain In the Navy a Captain outranks a Commander as described above.

Is commander higher than a lieutenant?

Yes.In Navy commander has higher rank than lieutenant.

Is a space pilot and a commander are the same thing?

No as the commander will be higher in rank.

What does the word commander mean does it mean like a captain?

In the Royal Navy in the time of Nelson, a commander was a person who was in charge of a ship, but had not officially attained the rank of captain (which brought with it a higher pay scale and so on). Sort of doing the job of a captain without the title.

Is caption higher then lieutenant?

A Captain is higher in rank .

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