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Q: Is computer science not relevant
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Is computer science relevant?


What are the relevant of computer to computer science?

Computer science generally deals with programming and software related things - as opposed to computer engineering which tends to focus on hardware. Computer science may also involve network management, or deal with server computing. Web Development is also sometimes considered a part of Computer Science.

Is science still relevant today?

Science is tremendously relevant today, probably more relevant than it has ever been. The world runs on technology, which can only be understood by means of science.

What are the Uses of computer in computer science?

That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.

How can science be used in all science?

science is science and therefore must be relevant to the entirety of its self

Which is better Computer science or information science?

computer science

Difference between Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science with Computer Science?

You don't get a degree with a subject; you get a degree in a subject. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Science are common descriptions of this degree.

What is a bscs and mscs?

bachelor of science computer sciencemaster of science computer science

Is computer programming the same as computer science?

Programming is a part of computer science, but not all of it. Computer science can refer to any aspect of computer technology.

What is the science behind Computer?

abacus is the science behind computer.

Requirement for computer science?

the requirement for computer science in UDUS

Is computer science more in future?

No. Computer science is now.

What is the relationship between computer science and computer programing?

Computer science isa science which give knoweledge to us.but the computer programing is a program that we are created to operate computer.that is the difference between the computer science and computer programming.

What is the open compound I'm taking computer science and math class next semester?

Computer Science A+++

What is the Diiference between Computer and Computer Science?

Computer is the physical thing while computer science is the study about computer and how it functions.

What is the full form of CSC Current?

computer science eg :c=computer sc=science so fully computer science

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Application?

Computer Science is to mechanics as Computer Application is to drivers education.

What does band mean in computer science?

it means that to search a (computer science) new technology in computer

Why computer is included in computer science?

computer science is the major related with computers so it is included

What is the need of computer science for the advantage of computer?

cause computer science programs computers stupid

How does mathematics related to computer science?

Algebra is a basic requirement for computer science. Commands and formulas in computer science are all based on algebra. Without math, computer science wouldn't be a discipline.

What does a computer have to do with science?

excuse me, Science is not a subject, its a research. computer science means research in computer field thats y we call it computer science. and yes exactly, you are right. it has no heart and brain.

Name four categories of science that are relevant to healthcare?


What experience is required for computer science?

Bachelor/Master of technology in computer science or Master of computer appilcations or Bachelor/Master of science in computers

Which is the best course in computer science mtech computer science or me computer science?

Harvard CS50 online. If you can upload the appliance you are half way there.

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